Scale coaching with integrated HR Systems


CoachHub’s flexible and secure digital coaching platform integrates with your HR systems to quickly deliver coaching at scale.

Limitless integration possibilities with our open API approach

Why integration?


CoachHub’s digital coaching platform integrates with HR systems to make it even easier to scale coaching across the organization.


Our goal is to help organizations create a personalized coaching program for their workforce in a way that is easy for HR Managers to administer.


System integrations can be a great way to save time, gain deeper insights and maximize impact.

Gain deeper insights

  • Understanding coachee needs
    Gain visibility into what your team needs to reach their objectives, adapt to change and meet company goals.
  • Measuring impact
    Shed light on employee progress on key Focus Areas that impact company performance. This helps quantify the impact of coaching.
  • Spotting trends
    Develop a future-ready organization by spotting trends that help make informed decisions, build stronger teams, and prepare for shifts in your workforce.

Streamline your workflows

  • Activating employees
    • Manage coaching setup with less time and effort. CoachHub has worked with many clients to create workflows that automate the process of activating coachees from within other HR systems.
    • HR Managers will gain quicker access to managing CoachHub licenses across the organization.
  • Onboarding coachees
    • CoachHub can help create landing pages and learning items to support onboarding within HCMs such as Workday.
    • This includes supplying collateral, graphics and videos to give coachees information about your coaching program.
  • Learning in the flow of work
    • Coaching is a powerful tool to equip your workforce for the future of work, and integration puts supplemental learning content right in-the-flow of work.
    • This personalized approach maximizes impact and gives each employee what they need as they take on new responsibilities.

How integrations work

API agnostic

CoachHub has limitless integration capabilities through our Open API approach.
No matter what you’re looking to do, CoachHub’s open API process can create powerful connections with your other tools.

HCM integration

Since each company’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system is configured uniquely, CoachHub customizes each integration to meet our clients’ goals.
We can integrate with any HCM system via an open API or file-based data exchange.

LMS integration

CoachHub’s digital coaching platform can be accessed via a learning item within your LMS.
Single Sign On authentication will allow your workforce to seamlessly access the CoachHub platform, and enables the LMS to track employee usage.

Expanded content library

Coachees have easy access to the CoachHub Academy library, which provides 3,000+ content items.
Autonomous learning between coaching sessions can take the coaching journey to the next level of personal growth.

Customized coachee journey

The coaching journey can also be customized with learning items or links to content within your internal LMS.
Specific learning items can be delivered to coachees at predetermined times during their coaching program.
Automations can be created for important employee events, such as providing onboarding information for kickoff, sending reminders and celebrating progress milestones.

Data management

  • Security

• CoachHub conducts a thorough security review before going live with any integration.
• All employee data transmitted between your HR systems and CoachHub will be secure, current, and correct, removing the risk of manually handling data.

  • Privacy

• CoachHub maintains data privacy and GDPR compliance by safeguarding against any individual coachee data being reported back to other systems.
• Data is provided in a safe, aggregated way across a minimum of 5 coachees to meet our GDPR compliance requirements and maintain coachee confidentiality.


  • Integration setup

• Setting up an integration with CoachHub can be completed quickly.
• We will align with your team on the required data connection points, conduct a security review and help ensure a successful connection.
• Launching your coaching program can be done quickly with smooth data ingestion between multiple people-management tools.

  • The integration process is a few simple steps

1. Align on your goals for integration
2. Map the required data fields between CoachHub and your HR systems
3. Configure and test the API connection
4. Conduct a security review
5. Go live!

Ready to get started?


Your dedicated CoachHub account team is happy to discuss any integration with you.

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CoachHub ist die führende globale Talententwicklungsplattform, die es Unternehmen ermöglicht, ein personalisiertes, messbares und skalierbares Coaching-Programm für die gesamte Belegschaft zu erstellen, unabhängig von Abteilung und Karrierelevel. Auf diese Weise profitieren Unternehmen aller Größenordnungen von einer Vielzahl von Vorteilen wie verbessertem Engagement und Bindung der Mitarbeitenden sowie gesteigerter Produktivität. Der globale CoachHub-Pool umfasst über 3.500 zertifizierte Business-Coaches in 90 Ländern auf sechs Kontinenten, die Coachings in über 60 Sprachen anbieten. Die innovativen Coaching-Programme von CoachHub, die von mehr als 1.000 Kunden weltweit genutzt werden, basieren auf der eigenen wissenschaftlichen Forschung und Entwicklung unseres Innovation Lab. CoachHub wird von führenden Tech-Investoren unterstützt, darunter Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech und Silicon Valley Bank/SVB Capital. CoachHub setzt sich für Nachhaltigkeit und eine grüne Zukunft ein, und ist seit 2022 ein zertifiziertes klimaneutrales Unternehmen.
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