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Introduction to Yu Dan Shi – APAC Principal Behavioural Scientist

CoachHub · 4 May 2022 · 2 min read

What is your background in coaching?

In 2008, I was a Chief Marketing Officer for a global tech company. While everything looked rosy from the outside world, I was feeling disengaged from work and life in general. It was an early midlife crisis. I eventually decided to ask for help. Thankfully, I found coaching. Working with a coach raised my self-awareness and shifted my thinking in a profound way. Previously, I have been through traditional training. However, coaching influenced me at a deeper level.

The impact of coaching helped me grow as a person, parent and leader. It touched me so much that I decided to learn everything about it. So I went on to study Coaching Psychology, which eventually led me to do the work I do today.

What differentiates coaching from traditional training?

Coaching is a very personalised approach as it works with you on an individual level and a human level. Your coach challenges you to think differently about your perspectives, values and behaviours, which helps you make meaningful changes. Coaching is about accountability. There are focus areas you need to work on, actions you need to take to work towards your goals. Coaching also provides a safe space for you to talk to your coach about things you may not normally do.

What does being a Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub mean to you?

It means advancing the field of coaching and bridging the gap between science and practice. Our role is to research the best practices in coaching and share that with our customers and coach practitioners.

What is the future of digital coaching in APAC

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people feel more comfortable using the technology for coaching now. Traditionally, the cost to travel, sourcing coaches, managing coaching agreements and tracking progress makes it hard to scale for many organisations. It is all made much easier and cost-effective due to digital coaching. We have a global pool of 3000+ qualified coaches, and AI technology where we can match coachees and coaches instantly, and track coaching results regularly, so I see a big uptake of digital coaching going forward.

What will you be bringing to your role as APAC Principal Behavioural Scientist

I bring lived experience, and I understand the challenges we all face and have been on my own coaching journey. This is why I am so passionate about it. Also, I believe my diverse background provides a unique perspective. I was born in Shanghai, China and came to Australia to live and work. I have worked in most APAC countries and have a good understanding of the APAC cultures as well as a passion for both science and practical aspects of coaching.

What excites you about working at CoachHub?

When I first came across CoachHub’s Mission – Democratising coaching for all employee levels, I resonated with it straight away. I never thought coaching should be exclusive to a few executives and leaders. It should be part of our career development, no matter what position we are in. I also got really excited with the technology aspect of CoachHub. As a traditional coach, I struggled to measure the progress of my coaching programs and the ability to match a coachee with the right coach using AI Tech is exciting.

Yu Dan Shi was born in China and currently resides in Australia. Outside of work, she enjoys walking with her daughters in the bushlands near her home in Sydney.

To learn more about Yu Dan Shi and her work visit CoachHub’s resource center.

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