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CoachHub · 25 May 2022 · 6 min read

There is never a dull moment in the HR world. Companies are constantly changing, and HR needs to keep up. On top of that, new technologies are emerging all the time, which often require people in the organization to learn new skills or rethink their approach entirely. In short, this is a time of great change for HR professionals. Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for HR today (1). What does it take to ensure your team stays on track and keeps learning through times like these?

The Learning & Development (L&D) department has an important role in supporting your entire organization as it embraces change. One key way they do this is by providing continuous coaching. This can be supported through formalized classroom sessions and seminars as well as informal one-on-one conversations with managers and peers—all valuable forms of coaching for employees at any stage of their career journey…

Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for HR today

Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for HR today. While some companies have already made significant strides in this area, many others have yet to start their digital transformation journey. The need for digital transformation is driven by the speed of change in the digital economy, which has been accelerated by advances in technology and data analytics. Digital transformation has become a major component of organizational strategies as organizations seek to improve productivity and drive growth through agile processes that allow them to respond rapidly to changes in customer needs, market conditions, and technological developments—all while attracting and retaining talent.

Digital coaching for business

Companies are moving away from lectures and push learning to embrace “pull” coaching models

If you’ve been struggling to get your team up-to-date on the latest HR techniques and trends, you may be tempted to adopt a push model—wherein you send out an email or give a lecture on the topic. However, this method can do more harm than good by creating disengagement among employees and forcing them to learn what they don’t care about.

A better option is a pull model, which consists of providing access to information through various channels (e.g., video tutorials or webinars). This allows employees to find their own learning pace and master topics at their convenience—and going forward, the key will be building upon these initial successes by continuing with this new way of working together for everyone involved across departments within your company!

“Digital coaching is a pull model that delivers relevant content to the learner at exactly the right time”

Digital coaching is a pull model that delivers relevant content to the learner at exactly the right time. Employees can choose when and where they want to learn, take as long as they need, and focus on only what’s needed for their current task or project. This allows them to use their learning style and adapt easily to an ever-changing environment.

An easily accessible library of content is key to giving people what they need when they need it

A library of digital coaching resources is a key component of this model. Your library must be easily accessible and easy to use, so you can give people what they need when they need it. Digital coaching resources should be:

  • A pull model – content is pulled by the learner via their initiative, and they can choose what piece of content they want at any given time
  • Self-directed – learners have autonomy in their learning and can choose where, when, and how long to spend on each activity
  • Continuous – digital coaching activities can be completed within an employee’s regular workday (or outside it), as opposed to being scheduled for specific times in the future
  • Relevant – instructors design the learning experience based on specific needs or goals identified by employees themselves, thus ensuring that all content fits into the larger context of an employee’s development plan or career aspirations * Personalized – instructors use data analytics tools like artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms to develop personalized learning plans for every employee based on his/her unique competencies and areas needing improvement

A combination of coaching, microlearning, and performance support provides a blended learning experience that feels continuous

A blended learning experience combines different training methods to provide an ongoing, continuous learning environment. The combination of coaching, microlearning, and performance support is a great way to achieve this because each method has its strengths.

Coaching is an effective tool for helping employees develop skills in real-time scenarios. Microlearning provides the opportunity for reinforcement of knowledge through small chunks of content delivered at key decision points within your organization’s systems or processes. Performance support allows employees on the front lines with customers or clients access to quick tips and reminders around specific tasks they perform regularly, like onboarding new hires or managing performance reviews.

“As employee expectations rise, so does their need for self-directed learning options like digital coaching”

As employee expectations rise, so does their need for self-directed learning options like digital coaching. Employees can now access resources that allow them to learn independently at their own pace. They also have access to peers and managers who can guide them through the process of applying what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

Digital coaching is designed to give employees a platform where they can ask questions and receive responses from their peers or managers anytime—not just in formal meetings or scheduled training sessions. This makes it easier for everyone involved because there will be less time wasted on back-and-forth communication about topics that may not be relevant right away or could wait until later on down the road when more information is needed before necessary recommendations are made based on new information provided by another employee who might have asked something similar before but got different answers than expected due to different circumstances surrounding each request made by these same two individuals (or groups).

Why digital coaching is the key to your company’s growth strategy

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Digital coaching can help organizations keep up with the speed of change and remain competitive in today’s economy

Digital coaching is the best way to keep up with the speed of change in today’s economy. The talent competition is fierce, and organizations need employees who can adapt quickly to new technologies and changing processes. As a result, digital coaching is becoming more common as an employee training method because it helps employees learn faster than traditional methods like classroom training or e-learning courses.

Digital coaches are trained to provide individualized guidance to employees on how they can use technology more effectively at work. This may include providing tips for productivity improvement through the use of mobile devices and applications such as email or social media tools like Slack; offering advice about effective time management strategies for working remotely; or helping them set up cloud storage services so that they can access important documents from anywhere at any time. Digital coaches also have expertise in other topics such as collaboration platforms (e.g., Zoom), project management apps (e.g., Trello), and communication tools (e.g., Skype).


In the “pull” model, employees are engaged in their learning and take control of their careers. This approach is more effective than traditional push training because employees can get content exactly when they need it, without having to wait for a scheduled lecture or course. With an easily accessible library of content available at all times, digital coaching gives people what they want and helps them stay competitive in today’s economy: self-direction over education.

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