Believe supports its hyper growth through targeted coaching for its employees

About Believe

Believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies.

Believe supports independent artists and labels by offering them digital solutions which are tailored to their changing needs at every stage of their development.

Believe draws on its technological platform and the unique digital expertise of its employees to advise its artists and labels and distribute and promote their music. The company’s 1,270 employees in more than 50 countries support artists and labels with their unique digital  expertise, treating them with respect, fairness and in total transparency.

Believe offers its various solutions through a portfolio of brands including TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve, Groove Attack and AllPoints. Believe is listed on Euronext Paris’ regulated market.

The challenge

Believe has experienced hypergrowth for several years now, supported by massive recruitment campaigns. Highly focused on local development in each of its markets around the world, the company is increasingly moving towards an international group model; as such, its training and cultural adaption policy needs to be strengthened.

In 2020, the company recruited an average of 60 new employees every month around the  world. Consequently, training and coaching have become important tools to ensure the  integration and cohesion of multicultural teams which are constantly expanding.

This fundamental core of Believe’s corporate culture is managed by the People Department with the Learning & Development team, which develops and rolls out various training and skills development tools and platforms. Renowned for its expertise and ability to innovate, Believe is committed to sharing its knowledge with all employees by providing targeted support for lifelong learning.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on Believe’s organizational model (remote working, increasingly digital communications), but not on its long-term future. The company has also had to adapt to the issue of employees’ work-life balance, in response to their changing needs.

In light of the challenges of its hypergrowth and international development, the four priorities of Believe’s Learning & Development policy are as follows:

  • Establishing on-boarding which is universal in its processes and objectives but which  can be customized for every individual.
  • Strengthening and further developing employee expertise.
  • Improving managers’ skills.
  • Retaining talent.

The result

For Believe, digital coaching is the ideal tool with which to respond to these challenges. Coaching provides support for employees around the world, no matter what their needs, with a platform which centralizes and measures results.

CoachHub’s solution has made it possible for Believe to establish comprehensive and  measurable coaching programs for the entire group which can be customized individually. This program has been created for Believe’s managers (some 300 employees) and begins with 360° feedback and a debrief session to identify priority objectives.

The process continues with four individual digital coaching sessions with a coach chosen by the participant. In parallel, various “traditional” thematic training modules are made available (theory and case studies). Every month, voluntary thematic co-development sessions are also provided for  managers to encourage collective intelligence.

In total, more than 170 employees have been coached since this program was rolled out  in September 2020.

The next step for Believe? Further developing opportunities for training, including mentoring  and co-development, which are particularly popular with employees.

Key figures


of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with their course


of participants recommend the CoachHub approach


of managers found the support beneficial for their employees

“Since it was launched in September 2020, our Manager program in partnership with CoachHub has been a great success and is still going strong!

Feedback has been excellent and we have quickly seen the positive impact of coaching on management practices. CoachHub’s teams are valued partners in helping us to maximize results and ensuring the program’s success.”

Julie Aveillan
Global People Development Manager

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