Safran Landing Systems uses coaching to boost its operational performance

Employees can benefit from individual coaching courses to learn how to quickly identify specific and timely ways to improve their performance.

About Safran Landing Systems

Safran is an international technology group which specialises in aeronautics (propulsion, equipment and interiors), space and defence. With a global presence on every continent, the group has 76,800 employees and is the leading player in its global and European markets, whether independently or working in partnership.

Within the group, Safran Landing Systems (SLS) is the world leader in landing and braking systems with more than 6,700 employees on 23 sites around the world.

Project background

In 2020, during the pandemic, SLS needed to make unprecedented changes as a company.

Line managers were on the front line and needed to respond to the impact which this unprecedented crisis was having, both on themselves and their teams.

In view of this exceptional situation, ensuring support for the company’s teams was a key priority. Safran Landing Systems implemented several systems to support its managers and its employees, including digital coaching with CoachHub.

CoachHub coaching

Just like SLS, CoachHub believes in the urgent need to democratise professional coaching at all levels.

In September 2020, to support managers in the wake of the pandemic, the HR teams at SLS launched individual digital flash coaching courses. This short format gave employees the opportunity to work on operational issues
with their coaches and quickly implement
specific responses.

Participants in this programme either volunteered or were encouraged to participate by HR teams. A corporate communications campaign was launched within the Leadership network which aims to improve the skills of managers and employees by means of various services, including mentoring, tutoring, learning expeditions and more.

During their coaching course, participants focused on the following objectives:

  • “How can I continue to create connections and encourage performance?”
  • “How can I make the best of this crisis situation?”
  • “How can I communicate important strategic decisions?”

Once the course was completed, CoachHub shared participants’ feedback with HR and other managers to enable them to assess the actual impact of coaching.

In view of the uncertain economic outlook, the company made use of FNE funding to provide coaching courses for its employees in France.

In 2020, 31 participants were coached in 6 countries: Canada, the United States, France, Mexico, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


“I liked how easy and flexible it was: the platform is simple to use, it’s easy to get in touch with a chosen coach and goals can be reached in a few hours. This process can be repeated, depending on the issues to be addressed and the action to be taken.

I advise everyone to try it, it’s a win-win and the process can be repeated as many times as necessary! Coaching should be a way for everyone to develop throughout their careers.”

Lydie Jallier
Head of HR

Testimonials from participants

“Excellent programme. I had 3 hours of sessions and I found them very valuable. It would be great to have 3 sessions once a year to be able to discuss issues which have been encountered or which need to be resolved. It’s a simple tool for managers. These sessions energised me and encouraged me to move forward. Many thanks.”

“It’s an incredible opportunity to ask the right questions and to take a step back to consider your professional development and impact.”

“Thank you for enrolling me in this program, I’ve wanted to improve my skills for a long time and these sessions helped me to develop a strategy to make decisions and to communicate them.”

“I would say that it’s good to dedicate the time to work through various issues and coaching makes it possible to talk with someone unbiased from outside the company.”

“Coaches are good at helping with the specific challenges you face in your day-to-day work.”

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