Leadership Coaching

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching enhances a person’s abilities and skills to lead and to help an organisation meet its operational objectives. This is done by increasing a person’s ability to perform as a leader and helping achieve a company’s vision, with the help of a leadership coach.

Benefits of leadership coaching

There are many benefits of having a leadership development programme, but we will name the key ones:

  1. Improved performance and engagement
    73% of employees spend a significant amount of time dealing with problems caused by ineffective leadership (Molinaro, 2013). Gallup (2013) research supports this, concluding that poor managers are one of the key drivers for disengagement – reporting that the net effect on the business is estimated to cost organisations $450-$550 billion a year. Leadership development coaching is a key tool to combat this. Using the latest research and technology, CoachHub collaborates with organisations to accelerate leadership development. We do this by supporting the transfer of learning through digital coaching.

  2. New insight and innovation
    Leadership success is increasingly depending on innovation and creativity that relies more on emotional intelligence and collaboration. Coaching is a powerful way of developing these soft skills that are needed to be successful today. Women in leadership programmes in particular, are found to be consistently successful in gaining new insights. According to the International Labour Organisation (2019) more than 54% of organisations who implemented women in leadership development programmes, report improvements in creativity, innovation in management practices and openness

  3. Improved agility
    The managers of today are having to cope with a new reality and simply cannot have all right answers. Companies are therefore moving away from traditional command-and-control practices towards a more collaborative and supportive management style where guidance, over instructions, is offered. Leadership development coaching, can help leaders in adopting new behaviours to support this style of work. This way, their teams can remain agile in ever-changing environments.

Leadership coaching explained by CoachHub Behavioural Scientist Rosie

How CoachHub works

Regular coaching sessions with a top business coach.

Enhance sessions by choosing from an extensive library of micro-learnings to complete between sessions.

Chat with your coach 24/7 in-app.


How do you coach leadership skills?

What are the main coaching styles?

What are some leadership coaching styles?

Rosie is a behavioural scientist at CoachHub, where she applies insights from positive psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science directly into digital coaching programmes and an approach that drives individual and organisational transformation. She works as part of the in-house research and development team, the Coaching Lab, and contributes to the advancement of the science of coaching and behaviour change; in addition to working both internally with in-house researchers and with world-class external academic teams to design and execute groundbreaking studies.

Rosie Evans
Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub.io

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