Foster Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Establish an inclusive workplace culture, stimulate positive relationships and boost engagement across your organisation.

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DEI matters more than ever

In addition to driving innovation, competitiveness and better decision-making, prioritising Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is crucial to foster employee engagement and retention.


of HR professionals say that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is a top priority for their organisation.*


Companies that prioritize DEI are six times more likely to be innovative and agile, and twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.**


of job seekers and employees consider a company’s diversity and inclusion when deciding where to apply for jobs.***

* SHRM 2021 ** Accenture 2019 *** Glassdoor 2021

Foster DEI and establish positive relationships across your organisation

Promote a culture of respect, inclusion and belonging and create a collaborative and productive workplace that leverages the diverse perspectives and experiences of your employees—leading to better decision-making and business outcomes in the long run.

61% of employees have witnessed or experienced discrimination at work, and 57% believe their company should do more to increase diversity.*

72% of employees believe their organisation should be doing more to foster an inclusive culture.**

While 74% of organisations have DEI initiatives, only 32% have metrics in place to measure the effectiveness of those initiatives.***

* Glassdoor – 2021 ** Deloitte 2020 *** SHRM 2020

Achieving a Dynamic, Inclusive Organisation with Digital Coaching

Discover how digital coaching can help organisations build and maintain diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Help leaders get comfortable with being uncomfortable


of coachees believe coaching helps leaders to develop DEI skills.*


of organisations reported increased awareness and understanding of DEI issues as a result of coaching.**


of coachees believe coaching helps leaders to create a more inclusive workplace culture.*

* International Coaching Federation – 2020 **HCI 2019

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DEI Challenges

Women in Leadership

Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions and often face strong headwinds in the workplace. The development of women in leadership is critical for businesses to succeed, and it requires addressing the causes and effects of gender disparities.

  • Gender bias: Unconscious bias and an undue burden from caregiving responsibilities
  • Imposter syndrome: Feelings of inadequacy despite evidence otherwise
  • Professional network: Gender network gap limiting the access to leadership opportunities

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Inclusive culture: Foster an inclusive environment and tap into full talent potential
  2. 2. Psychological safety: Provide a safe, holistic environment to close the confidence gap
  3. 3. Leadership advocacy: Promote equitable access to opportunities and advocate for work visibility

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership is critical for creating a thriving workplace. Only the right development programme can foster self-awareness and inclusive leadership styles that improve employee engagement and deliver better business outcomes.

  • Unconscious bias: Unknowing biases that lead to exclusionary decisions and behaviours
  • Lack of awareness: Insufficient understanding of the perspectives of diverse groups
  • Resistance to change: Cultural reluctance and skepticism of the value of inclusive practices

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Leadership insight: Develop leadership styles that improve collaboration and inclusion
  2. 2. Robust decision-making: Embrace diverse perspectives to make more informed decisions
  3. 3. Inclusive culture: Integrate inclusivity as a core value into all aspects of the company culture


Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace, including conditions such as dyslexia and autism, can lead to increased innovation, creativity, and productivity, but traditional workplace practices may not fully support the needs of neurodivergent individuals.

  • Lack of awareness: Limited knowledge of neurodiversity and potential misunderstandings
  • Insufficient accommodations: Lack of flexible workspaces, schedules, and assistive technology
  • Communication difficulties: Neurodivergent employees may process information in unique ways

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Inclusive culture: Develop inclusivity in leadership to increase understanding of neurodiversity
  2. 2. Neurodiverse workplace: Retain neurodivergent individuals and develop their unique strengths
  3. 3. Psychological safety: Encourage diverse perspectives and improve collaboration

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Adeel Hasan Jafri – Finance Manager – Coca Cola

“It is incredible to be able to offer a programme that is relevant to such a diverse group of people.”

Carmen Crane

EMEA Learning & Talent Development Manager – ASICS

“Coaching really helped me to understand and figure out myself, and then to understand others.”

Ilkom Nekkadamov

Production Supervisor – Coca-Cola

Top 10 questions about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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3. Why is DEI important in the workplace?

4. What is diversity inclusion and equity in the workplace?

5. What are some common challenges companies face in implementing DEI initiatives?

6. How can my company address systemic barriers to DEI?

7. How can my company measure the success of our DEI initiatives?

8. How can my company create a safe and supportive environment for all employees?

9. What is the role of leadership in promoting DEI in the workplace?

10. How can my company create a DEI strategy that is aligned with our business goals?

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