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Empower your organisation to become more agile and navigate successfully through uncertainty.

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Change needs support

Transformation efforts are challenging, and they’re often put at risk when the human element isn’t prioritised.
HR Professionals play a crucial role in equipping their teams to be more agile and navigate successfully through change.


of organisational transformation efforts fail.*


of HR leaders report people-related challenges as the most significant barriers to successful transformation.*


Companies that neglect culture are 5x less likely to achieve breakthrough performance.**

* McKinsey 2022 ** Deloitte 2022

Develop leadership and resilience to adopt new ways of working.

Successful transformation is often impeded by employee resistance, lack of agility and complex market forces. Explore how CoachHub’s digital coaching solution cultivates growth-minded leaders who can overcome adversity, become more agile and proactively lead through change.

73% of HR leaders rank resistance to change as the biggest barrier to successful transformation.*

70% of employees feel overwhelmed because of broken communication methods .**

44% of employees experience high levels of anxiety during times of organisational change.***

* PwC – 2021 ** HR Daily Advisor 2019 *** Gartner Survey 2019

Coaching as a key lever for success in organisational transformation

Explore three types of organisational transformation and discover how coaching can help change initiatives succeed.

Achieve successful transformations with coaching


of coachees report an improvement in their ability to cope with change.*


of coachees report an increase in their resilience.*


increase in leadership effectiveness observed among employees who received coaching during organisational transformations.*

* International Coaching Psychology Review – 2020

We have the solution to your

Organisational Challenges

Mergers & Acquisitions

Transition events can create complex challenges and extended periods of uncertainty.
Business coaching helps employees successfully navigate through uncertainty by providing a fresh perspective, activating a growth mindset and thinking critically about the best path forward.

  • Employee engagement: Ambiguity about roles and responsibilities erodes morale
  • Cultural alignment: Communication breakdowns and competing values cause misalignment
  • Team performance: Lapses in productivity put expected outcomes at risk

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Growth mindset: Developing resilience and becoming proactive to lead through change
  2. 2. Psychological safety: Encouraging transparency, collaboration, and diverse perspectives
  3. 3. High-performing teams: Empowering positive new ways of working that build a robust culture

Complexity & Uncertainty

The business landscape has increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), and traditional training approaches are no longer meeting employee needs. Coaching is a powerful non-directive form of leadership development that provides a safe space and personalised experience for each employee.

  • VUCA environment: Rapid pace of change creates business risk
  • Learning transfer: Development is forgotten if not implemented
  • Real-world applicability: One-size-fits-all training is irrelevant to many

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Growth orientation: Cultivating an agile and learning work culture
  2. 2. Measurable Impact: Maximising execution with real-time insights
  3. 3. Employee-driven: Personalising to the needs of each employee

Digital Transformation

Businesses must adapt in today’s constantly changing environment, which requires an agile culture that can swiftly implement adjustments. Coaching helps employees navigate through uncertainty by activating a growth mindset, critical thinking and accelerating adoption of changes.

  • Employee resistance: Reluctance or inability to implement changes
  • Lack of agility: Outdated leadership styles hinder progress
  • Complex market forces: Rapid pace of change creates business risk

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Proactive adoption: Building resilience to lead through change
  2. 2. Growth orientation: Cultivating an agile and learning-focused work culture
  3. 3. Strategic leadership: Upskilling talent critical for transformation

CoachHub supports your organisational transformation challenges

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Global People Development Manager

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