Elevate Your Women in Leadership Programme


Equip women in leadership with a business coach to accelerate professional development.

1000+ clients supporting women in leadership

Unlock the true potential of your organisation

Secure financial success
Maintain operational excellence
Address leadership attrition

Support women leaders through the employee lifecycle

Access data and actionable tips to explore how coaching advances gender equality and fosters inclusivity throughout the employee lifecycle.

Empower women in leadership with coaching

Enhance work performance
Build leadership confidence
Gain a competitive edge

Support women in your organisation today

Empower women leaders at every level

Break through glass ceilings

Collective coaching sessions to address deep-rooted challenges.

Break organisational silos and elevate the DEIB dialogue with Co-development Hubs, our dedicated collective coaching format.

Cultivate confidence at scale

A global pool of 3,500+ seasoned coaches available in 80+ languages.

Connect emerging and senior women leaders with the world’s leading coaches and grow their confidence and leadership potential across your organisation.

Build lasting leadership skills

Transformative learning experiences.

Extend the impact of coaching with our on-demand library of 8000+ micro-learning activities, curated content collections and personalised recommendations.

“I walked away with knowledge that was very helpful in my day-to-day. My coach gave me that ‘permission’ to own up to my own accomplishments in a professional, not boastful, way.”

Nicole Yuan – Senior Finance Director of Pricing – Woodward

“Having a really solid partner is really important, because it helps sell the brand of this to the organisation… year over year CoachHub will continue to be great partners for us.”

Deb Genet

Director of Talent Management – Woodward

“Our people development is critical to us achieving our strategy to disrupt the Status Quo. CoachHub offers a superb end to end digital coaching solution. Their customer-centric approach is fantastic”

Alasdair Macquarri

Senior Development Consultant – Virgin Money

Top 10 questions about our women in leadership programme

1. What are the main objectives of the Women in Leadership Programme?

2. What are the benefits of participating in the coaching programme?

3. How do you measure the progress or success of the coaching programme?

4. What topics and areas of focus are covered in the programme?

5. Are there any assessments or evaluations conducted as part of the coaching programme?

6. Is the coaching programme suitable for women at different stages of their careers?

7. Is the coaching programme focused on a particular industry or sector?

8. How personalised are the coaching sessions? Will they address specific goals and challenges?

9. Can the coaching programme help develop a leadership presence or personal brand?

10. What is the process for matching participants with coaches?

Ready to discover how digital coaching
can support your business?

Global digital coaching provider

CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create personalised, measurable and scalable coaching programmes for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organisations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 80 languages. Serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide, CoachHub’s innovative coaching programs are based on proprietary scientific research and development from its Innovation Lab. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors, including Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech and Silicon Valley Bank/SVB CapitalCoachHub is committed to creating a greener future.

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