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Create a caring and supportive corporate culture that promotes mental health and well-being in the workplace.

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Employee experience matters

Employee experience and well-being strategies are more crucial than ever to drive employee engagement, satisfaction and overall happiness—which, in turn, boosts business success and sustainability.


of employees are now prioritising work-life balance, mental health and finding meaning over a steady paycheck.*


The cost of losing an employee ranges from 50% to 200% of an employee’s annual salary.**


of job seekers consider a company’s culture before applying, and 56% would turn down a job offer from a company with a negative reputation.***

* Orable 2021 ** Work Institute 2021 *** Glassdoor 2020

Establish a positive and caring culture that helps your company flourish.

Prioritise employees’ well-being and create a supportive work environment to enhance employee engagement, reduce burnout, foster a positive workplace culture and transform employees into proactive leaders with CoachHub’s digital coaching solution.

79% of workers are disengaged, resulting in the loss of revenue.*

37% of companies see an increase of employees struggling with burnout.**

86% of high-potential employees are at risk of burnout.***

* Gallup 2022 ** CoachHub Global HR Survey 2021 *** DDI 2021

Creating an Irresistible Employee Experience Strategy with Digital Coaching

Discover how investing in digital coaching can be a key lever in creating a transformative and flourishing work environment.

Support employee well-being at scale with digital coaching


reduction in stress levels and 25% reduction in feelings of burnout reported by employees who received coaching.*


of coachees increased their self-reflection and awareness.**


of employees have an increased sense of purpose thanks to digital coaching.**

* International Coaching Federation 2021 ** CoachHub 2020 survey

We have the solution to your

Employee Experience Challenges

Well-being & Stress Management

Workplace stress commonly has a negative impact on employee well-being and productivity. A holistic coaching programme helps employees better manage their stress and improve their overall health and job performance.

  • Compounding stress: Unrealistic deadlines and unclear expectations often compound stress
  • Mental health: Interpersonal conflicts and anxiety can be both a cause and result of stress
  • Physical health: Workplace tensions can lead to physical issues causing absenteeism

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Stress management: Providing resources and techniques to effectively manage stress
  2. 2. Whole person: Fostering a holistic approach to leadership that promotes work-life balance
  3. 3. Time management: Navigating work’s priorities and life’s responsibilities effectively

Digital Coaching As A Benefit

Companies that don’t prioritise culture often suffer from high turnover and low engagement.
Employees are hungry to develop professionally and engage in meaningful work, but limited onboarding and traditional training have been ineffective.

  • High turnover: Talent is churning at unsustainable rates
  • Low engagement: Prior training hasn’t re-engaged employees
  • Limited onboarding: Slow ramp-up of new hires into their roles

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Valuable benefit: Demonstrating to employees that they are highly valued talent
  2. 2. Optimized experience: Applying coaching in unique ways to improve employee experiences
  3. 3. Successful transitions: Providing professional development to thrive in new roles

Developing a Coaching Culture

Many work environments suffer from outdated top-down approaches and micromanaging that stifle innovation. A coaching culture embraces continuous learning and development, improving employee engagement, retention, and overall performance.

  • Resistance to change: New approaches can face resistance from entrenched practices
  • Insufficient know-how: Managers may lack the training needed to instill a coaching culture
  • Executive sponsorship: A lack of support from senior leaders limits the ability to gain traction

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Growth orientation: Encouraging continuous improvement and learning in everyday processes
  2. 2. Leadership development: Cultivating coaching skills in all employees regardless of seniority
  3. 3. Psychological safety: Promoting authentic leadership styles that build trust and collaboration

CoachHub supports your employee experience & well-being challenges

Powerful coaching programmes

A tailor-made programme dedicated to your challenges

Offer your workforce the best learning journey and take people-development to the next level. Our proven approach caters to individual needs while promoting employees’ experience and well-being.

Results-driven digital coaching platform

The most agile and comprehensive online coaching platform

Grow and support your team anywhere, anytime, with the most flexible and advanced digital coaching solution on the market.

Top 5% of business coaches

Access our international community of over 3,500 seasoned coaches

Thanks to CoachHub’s rigorous selection criteria, gain access to the best professional coaches in the market in 90+ countries and speaking 60+ languages.

Elevate your employees’ experience and well-being while preparing for the future with CoachHub.

“I would really recommend to all my peers to at least go through this experience to try it. Because once you try coaching, you never want to quit.”

Kseniya Kim – HR Manager – Coca-Cola

“Coaching is one of the most effective tools when it comes to managing stress, increasing personal resilience or promoting mental well-being.”

Patricia März

Senior Specialist Training & Learning – TDK Electronics

“One of our internal strategic choices is to focus on our employees to build strong, engaged teams.”

Carmen Crane

EMEA Learning & Talent Development Manager – ASICS

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9. What are some effective strategies for building resilience in the workplace?

10. What is the role of leadership in promoting employee well-being and resilience, and how can leaders model these behaviors for their teams?

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