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Upgrade your talent management strategy and transform your workforce into high-performing, inspiring and resilient leaders.

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Talent needs support

Creating a culture of continuous learning where employees are empowered to grow and achieve their aspirations, is more imperative than ever. This results in a more skilled and engaged workforce, higher retention rates and improved business outcomes.


Companies with high-performing L&D programmes are 58% more likely to have strong revenue growth and market leadership.*


Organisations with a strong learning culture have 37% higher employee productivity, 56% higher customer retention, and 50% more market share.**


Organisations that invest in leadership and talent development are 2.4 times more likely to be financially successful than those that do not.***

* Linkedin 2019 ** Association for Talent Development 2019 *** McKinsey 2022

Career development is more strategic than ever

Investing in performance and talent development is imperative in today’s rapidly evolving work environment where outdated career development and learning formats hinder the creation of high-performing teams. Modernise your L&D portfolio and provide targeted coaching to equip your workforce with the tools they need to achieve their full potential and drive business results.

76% of employees say they don’t receive enough training and development.*

94% of employees surveyed said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.**

18% of employees are ‘likely’ or ‘almost certain’ to quit in the next three-six months — a finding consistent across 5 different countries and all industries.***

* CoachHub Global Coach Buyer Survey 2021 ** Linkedin 2021 *** McKinsey 2021

Bringing back the magic into the daily lives of managers

Discover how to develop the soft skills and emotional intelligence of managers to help them tackle the new expectations and responsibilities weighing on them today.

Propel talent management to the next level with coaching


of coachees agree they have gained competencies useful for their profession.*


of companies who had used coaching for talent development would repeat the process.**


of companies said they at least made their investment back in coaching.**

* CoachHub 2020 ** International Coaching Federation 2021

We have the solution to your

Talent Development Challenges

Leadership Development

Training has too often lacked the real-world applicability needed for today’s environment of increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

  • VUCA environment: Rapid pace of change creates business risk
  • Learning transfer: Development is forgotten if not implemented
  • Real-world applicability: One-size-fits-all training is irrelevant to many

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Growth orientation: Cultivate an agile and learning-based work culture
  2. 2. Measurable Impact: Maximise execution with real-time insights
  3. 3. Employee-driven: Personalise to the needs of each employee

Development of High Potentials

Development of high potentials is critical for an organisation’s long-term success, but traditional training has been ineffective, leaving them at risk of attrition, burnout and stagnation.

  • Attrition: Leaving for an industry competitor
  • Burnout: Carrying a disproportionate workload
  • Stagnation: Not being challenged to unlock their potential

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Strategic incentive: Motivating employees to seek growth internally
  2. 2. Sustainable teams: Prioritising holistic development and focus on well-being
  3. 3. Growth mindset: Developing skills to power the next level of growth

First-Time Managers

The transition to becoming a first-time manager is challenging and traditional training may not adequately prepare employees for the new role, resulting in a loss of team morale, productivity and retention.

  • Bench strength: Individual contributors needing skills to step up effectively to manage teams
  • Sink or swim: First-time managers are often thrown into stressful situations with little guidance
  • Revolving door: New managers leave due to lack of support in new roles

Coaching solution:

  1. 1. Skills development: Offering personalised development on core leadership skills
  2. 2. Leadership feedback: Providing regular feedback to help new managers grow in their roles
  3. 3. Team building: Fostering a positive team culture of trust, transparency and collaboration

CoachHub supports your performance & talent development challenges

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“What was great is that you’re able to reidentify or identify your existing strengths and also what’s preventing you from moving forward.”

Laura Devoucoux – Head of Global Consultant and Specialist Advisor Relations – Natixis Investment Managers

“CoachHub perfectly supports the development of our managers and should definitely be part of modern management development.”

Aleks Sibilia

Senior Manager Learning & Organisational Development – Soundcloud

“This platform is going to help our leaders to be a better leader in the future and to develop themselves more freely.”

Burak Başarır

CEO – Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI)

Top 10 questions about performance & talent development

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7. What are some common challenges in talent development, and how can they be overcome?

8. What are some key components of a successful performance development programme?

9. How can I incorporate performance development into our organisational goals?

10. How can I create a culture of continuous improvement within my organisation?

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