Executive Coaching


High-Impact Business Coaching with CoachHub Executive™


The transformational power of coaching equips executives with the tools they need to unlock their leadership potential and make a lasting impact.

Why executive coaching?

Power skills are critical:

Success in business increasingly depends on power skills such as strategic thinking, innovation, and emotional intelligence. But executive development is too often overlooked.

Proven solution:

Executive coaching has proven to be effective in unlocking leadership potential and building power skills.


of early-stage and growth-stage CEOs use an executive coach.

Fast Company (2016)


of executives say soft skills are equally or more important than technical skills.

Docembo (2019)


increase in leadership effectiveness following executive coaching.

Leadership & Organization Development Journal (2022)


of leaders reported an increase in goal attainment through.

CoachHub Survey (2020)

Executive coaching activates growth

It’s lonely at the top:

The higher a leader rises in a company, the more lonely it can become.

Constant change:

Executives must adapt to an ever-changing environment, and coaching provides the unbiased feedback needed to activate growth both personally and professionally.

Executives face many challenges and CoachHub Executive™ meets their needs:

1. Must adapt to an ever-changing environment
Coaching provides a place to rise above the urgent and focus on what’s most critical.

2. Must balance demands from many stakeholders
Coaching reinforces models of success to improve relationships across the organisation.

3. Find it difficult to get unbiased feedback
Coaching uncovers blind spots, improves self-awareness, and enhances leadership ability.

4. Are asked to constantly perform at a high level
Coaching addresses critical challenges under the guidance of an accomplished business leader.

5. Must make critical decisions with a lot at stake
Coaching provides a fresh perspective to think critically about the most effective path forward.

Our specialised executive coaches

Business experience:
CoachHub Executive™ coaches are seasoned senior leaders who know what it takes to lead in business – because they’ve been there too.

World-class skill set:
They are trained in CoachHub’s methodology and have strong business acumen, excellent communication skills, and a high EQ.

CoachHub Executive™ coaches meet a high standard:

  • Have over 10 years of corporate leadership experience as a senior leader for a multinational company of 10,000+ employees
  • Background in executive coaching with verified references from at least 3 executive clients from Fortune 1000 companies
  • Certified by a leading coaching association with a minimum of 500 training hours (typically over 1,500 hours)
  • Typically experienced with recognised assessments (e.g Hogan HDS, EQi2.0)

Business coaches certified by the world’s leading coaching organisations

What to expect in executive coaching services

Together with an expert coach as their guide, senior leaders experience a transformational journey to improve self-awareness and focus on high-impact actions that drive their company forward.

  1. Unlimited access
    Unlimited access to an executive coach via video coaching sessions and direct messaging.

  2. Unbiased feedback
    A safe space to receive unbiased feedback and gain fresh perspectives to fuel the next stage of growth.

  3. Confidential conversations
    Confidential conversations with an accomplished business leader who understand the day-to-day demands of their role.

  4. Creative solutions
    An ideal sounding board to address critical challenges and discover creative solutions.

How it works


Executives evaluate their areas of strength and opportunity and decide on developmental goals for their coaching sessions.


Coaching sessions help executives focus on what’s most critical, gain fresh perspectives, and make effective decisions that lead to powerful results.


Outcomes are reviewed against goals, and actions are adjusted to activate new ideas in a constantly changing environment.


Once goals are met, executives get insight on fueling the next stage of growth to create meaningful change for themselves and their organisation.

Top 10 Questions About Executive Coaching

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9. How can executive coaching support professional development goals?

10. Can coaching assist in managing stress, burnout, or other personal challenges as an executive?

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CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create personalised, measurable and scalable coaching programmes for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organisations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 80 languages. Serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide, CoachHub’s innovative coaching programs are based on proprietary scientific research and development from its Innovation Lab. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors, including Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech and Silicon Valley Bank/SVB CapitalCoachHub is committed to creating a greener future.

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