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Executive coaching creates dynamic and focused organisations. It is a powerful tool that provides 1:1 coaching to the executive so they can master their diverse responsibilities, unlock their leadership potential and manage their wellbeing.

Executive coaching from CoachHub

Executive coaching offers growth

The higher a manager rises in a company, the more lonely it can become. This can make it difficult to reflect on other points of view and mistakes. Executive coaching gives senior leaders the opportunity to be given feedback and to grow on all levels, enabling them to find the right work-life balance and attain higher overall life satisfaction.

  • Executive coaching is designed specifically for senior leaders.
  • It allows leaders to enhance their self-awareness.
  • It provides tools and resources to improve relations with employees from each department.
  • There’s a focus on strengthening your company’s self-regulation.
Business coaching for executives from CoachHub

Why executive coaching?

Executive development is often overlooked. And success increasingly depends on innovation, entrepreneurship and developing soft skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration in order to lift employee engagement and boost performance.

  • 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching services.
  • 85% of top managers who receive coaching perform better than their peers in soft skills.
  • 80% of coachees agree they have gained competencies useful for their profession.
  • 27% increase in profits for companies who develop soft skills.
Executive coaching tools for leaders

Personalised approaches have the biggest impact on the transfer of learning.


of leaders reported an increase of performance through classroom training.


of leaders reported an increase of goal attainment through CoachHub.


of leaders who received coaching report improved productivity and collaboration.


Executive coaching platform
  1. The executive will have unlimited access to the coach: video coaching sessions and direct messaging.

  2. Our coaches provide space for reflection, bounce-off ideas and help the coachee discover how to achieve their full potential.

  3. Conversations between our coaches and coachees are confidential.

  4. Having a coach on an equal footing who understands the day-to-day business of the executive will better comprehend problems and provide creative solutions.

How it works


A coach is selected from a customised coaching pool. After the selection, an initial onboarding call will take place and a chemistry session is booked.


To determine development potential, the coachee's strengths and weaknesses are discussed as well as the goals they are pursuing.


Options for action are determined with the coach and solution-based strategies are worked out that help the coachee achieve their set goals.


Focus areas and goals are measured and reviewed for their effectiveness and adjusted if necessary.


Once the goals are obtained it will create meaningful change for the coachee, which will trickle throughout the entire organisation.

Our specialised coaches

  • Have a background in executive coaching with verified references from at least 3 executives of Fortune 500 or equivalent companies.
  • Average over 10 years of corporate leadership experience in multinational environments with responsibility for over 100 employees or businesses with more than £100 million in revenue.
  • Have a minimum of 500 hours of training validated by a crediting coaching association.
  • Are active in a leading coaching association.
  • Have a certificate from a leading coaching school.
Top Business Coaches

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Global Offices

The leading global digital coaching platform

CoachHub is the leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create a personalised, measurable and scalable coaching programme for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organisations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 60 languages, to serve more than 500 clients. Our programmes are based on advanced R&D from our Coaching Lab, led by Prof. Jonathan Passmore and our Science Council. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors, including Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech and Silicon Valley Bank/SVB Capital. In September 2021, CoachHub acquired French digital coaching pioneer MoovOne to build a global champion focused on jointly democratising coaching.
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