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Placing science at the heart of our platform, our approach has been formulated hand in hand with leading experts in business and science, utilizing the latest research from behavioral science and positive psychology. The Coaching Lab allows us to offer our customers a cutting edge, sustainable and effective coaching approach bringing tangible, lasting organizational and behavioral change.

The coaching lab

Helping you step by step


The initial phase of the coaching process focuses on gaining clarity of individual goals, growth potential, awareness of personal strengths and values. Completing an initial self-assessment will clarify a coachee’s current status before moving on to the digital kick-off session.


Following the kick-off, coachees participate in bi-weekly, 45-minute sessions with their coach. During the sessions progress made on goals and focus areas is discussed as well as addressing and working through current challenges and possible setbacks. To reinforce the sessions, coaches recommend micro-learning activities to develop skills worked on and to consolidate new behaviors.


At regular intervals you will be encouraged by your coach to reflect on your current situation. Supported by automated analysis and statistics, your development and goal progression will be reviewed together with your coach.

Coaching model

Holistic coaching framework

Together with our science board, we have developed a holistic business coaching approach focused on the two key facets of successful leadership in the digital age. Decades of scientific research prove that personal growth has a significant impact on leadership and corporate success. Only those who grow continuously as individuals can effectively inspire others.

Grow as a Person

  • Balance

    Strengthen your resilience, focus only on the essentials and regulate emotions.

  • Presence

    Learn how to live in the present moment, be grounded, mindful and kind to yourself.

  • Purpose

    Find meaning in your work, discover your strengths and what is truly important to you.

Inspire as a Leader

  • Performance

    Set clear goals, motivate teams, find solutions to complex problems.

  • Empowerment

    Empower individuals to independently find solutions to complex problems, while promoting cooperation.

  • Communication

    Communicate openly and clearly, address critical points and provide constructive feedback.

Focus areas at a glance

Our clients come with a wide variety of goals and challenges. Using our holistic coaching framework, we have identified key focus areas and topics that can be the subject or the goal of coaching.


Strengthen resilience, focus on the essentials and regulate emotions.

Resilience means the ability to act and persevere even in stressful situations, processing stress positively.

Time management points to the ability to balance tasks in life, concentrate on specific areas and set priorities.

Emotional ​regulation means the extent to which a person consciously reflects and controls their own emotional state.


Learn to live in the present moment, be grounded, mindful and kind.

Authenticity represents the ability to be aware of one’s true nature and to interact with others accordingly.

Centered is the ability to bring the internal parts into an overall balanced structure and to produce a powerful external effect.

Mindfulness is the ability to consciously perceive oneself and one’s environment, being both physically and mentally in the present moment.


Find meaning in life and actions, discover strengths and what is truly important.

Visionary ability encompasses the capacity to find meaning in one’s own activity and always keep that in mind.

Growth mentality characterizes the extent to which a person is motivated to further their own professional development.

Values denote acting accordingly to one’s inner way of thinking and perceiving moral situations.

Inspire as a leader


Set clear goals, motivate and inspire your team, find solutions to complex problems and make decisions.

Goals inspire employees to perform at their best.

Motivation involves communicating the company’s vision to team members and fostering a shared sense of purpose.

Problem solving is the ability to provide solutions to complex challenges and making relevant decisions.


Develop and value your team by trusting and giving responsibility as well as promoting cooperation among each other.

Delegation reflects the extent to which a person empowers team members to independently find solutions to complex problems.

Appreciation characterizes the attitude of a person towards others and is characterized by complete trust, recognition and affinity.

Collaboration captures the ability to support team members in working together in an interdisciplinary manner, sharing knowledge and involving stakeholders.


Communicate openly and clearly, addressing critical points and providing continuous constructive feedback.

Communication means the ability to maintain the flow of information, while learning how to shift between literal communication and the meta-level of communicating. Feedback refers to the ability of team members to give respectful, action-oriented feedback and to proactively seek feedback about themselves. Conflict management points to a person’s ability to deal with disputes with others, diplomatically and constructively.

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