Hello, I’m AIMY™!

A prototype of the world’s first conversational AI coach. I’m still training as a coach and I’m a purely non-commercial technology showcase. Let’s pioneer the space together!

The world’s first conversational AI Coach

What AIMY™ can do today

• Conduct simple, prompted coaching conversations with guidance
• Recognize language and context
• Understand written communication and idiomatic expressions

What AIMY™ is still learning

• Complex, structured coaching conversations
• Profound coaching frameworks
• Visual communication and facial expressions

Getting to know AIMY™

AIMY™ is the world’s first conversational AI coach, a prototype resulting from a cutting-edge research initiative powered by CoachHub. Our team of highly passionate and forward-thinking behavioral scientists, coaching professionals and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers is designing, building and training AIMY™.

AIMY™ is a generative AI model trained to interact in a conversational way.

AIMY™ is a non-commercial pilot project designed to identify the potential of AI technology, explore its boundaries and understand the implications for the coaching industry.

The potential of AI in coaching

At CoachHub, we believe that coaching is and will remain fundamentally human, requiring years of professional training and experience and a large degree of empathy and responsibility to be a successful coach. We are convinced that AI exists to assist, support and enhance the human experience.

CoachHub is already applying AI in a variety of areas, including coach matching, content recommendations and predictive usage modeling. Our research and innovation unit is constantly pushing boundaries to enhance the coaching experience for our clients and our coaches.

AIMY™ is testing the limits of technology, exploring how AI can complement the coaching process and help CoachHub carry out our mission to democratize coaching for people at all career levels worldwide.

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Safety & data protection

We take our responsibility to protect your data very seriously. CoachHub is an entirely in-house programmed coaching software, using only the highest industry standards to guarantee data protection and ensure privacy and confidentiality.


CoachHub is SSL-certified and operates exclusively via SSL-encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.

ISO 27001 certified

We are ISO 27001 certified. The standard protects your most valuable information and officially confirms the continuous improvement of data security by reducing information security gaps to a minimum.

CCPA Compliant

We work to honor the legal requirements for all regional laws, which includes the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why was AIMY™ developed?
AIMY™ is a research project showcasing the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in coaching today. It is a fully non-commercial initiative, designed to drive conversations, research and innovation around AI in the coaching industry.

Will AI replace human coaches?
At CoachHub, we know that coaching is human. It requires years of professional training, experience and a large degree of empathy and responsibility to become a successful digital business coach. We believe that AI will never replace a human coach, but is there to complement the coaching process.

Will there be a commercial conversational AI coach offering?
AIMY™ is purely a research initiative, designed to encourage scientific conversations around AI in coaching and responsibilities for the industry. It is not meant for commercialization.

How do you ensure privacy and information security?
Privacy and information security are our highest commitments at CoachHub. We are industry-leading, Data Protection and ISO27001 certified, SOC 2 accredited and fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. We never collect or process personal data without lawful justification and we are strictly audited as part of our ISO certifications.

Which technology are you using?
AIMY™ is powered by the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. We are using Generative AI, which enables AIMY™ to engage in dynamic and personalized conversations with users. A patent is pending for our AI coaching technology.

We have also integrated several advanced technologies, including state-of-the-art speech recognition algorithms, dynamic context builder, Large Language Modeling (LLM) and more. These technologies work together seamlessly in real-time to deliver a powerful, engaging and effective experience.

Do you record human coaching sessions to train the AI?
In line with strict privacy regulations and coaching ethics, we never record coaching sessions, unless fully anonymized and with clear, active consent of all parties involved. Find out more in our Research Terms and Research Policy.

How do you ensure ethical standards and coaching principles?
Our team of behavioral scientists, coaching professionals and researchers is working closely with leading industry bodies and associations to ensure highest industry standards and ethics in coaching, which also apply to our AI models. Among others CoachHub is researching Ethics and Coaching Standards in collaboration with the leading coaching association EMCC.

How can I help?
We are always looking for testers and professionals sharing their feedback with us. For scientific and industry exchange, partnership conversations, please contact us here. If you want to support hands-on and join our team, please have a look at our career page.

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