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To provide a world-class coaching experience requires the brightest minds in all things behavioral science, psychology and of course, coaching. That is why CoachHub has a dedicated Science Council to help us convert scientific evidence into the greatest impact for your business. Our Science Council consists of an international team of experts and educators who are passionate about helping people and making sure that every individual unleashes their full potential.

Each member is a leader in their respected industry and hold a wide-varying of professional titles that include, but are not limited to: Authors, Business and Executive Coaches, Lecturers, Professors, Psychologists, Researchers and Scholars.

Our Science Board

Prof. Richard Boyatzis

Researcher on helping people learn and change; Prof. Richard Boyatzis is a Distinguished University Professor at Case Western Reserve University, a Board Member of the Leadership Institute and the Marian K. Shaughnessy Leadership Academy, as well as a Founding Member of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership Thinker, Executive Coach, NYT bestselling Author; Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the only two-time winner of the Thinkers 50 Award for #1 Leadership Thinker in the World. He has been ranked as the #1 Executive Coach in the World and a Top Ten Business Thinker for the past eight years. Dr. Goldsmith is the author or editor of 36 books, including three New York Times bestsellers.

Dr. Suzy Green

Clinical and Coaching Psychologist; Dr. Suzy Green is a recognized Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and the founder of The Positivity Institute, an organization dedicated to the research and application of Positive Psychology for life, school and work. Her innovative programs have significantly boost workplace capability and overall organizational effectiveness.

Prof. David Clutterbuck

Author, Consultant and Mentor; Prof. David Clutterbuck is a prolific leader in mentoring and coaching. He is a co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, holds a research PhD from King’s College London and a postgraduate diploma in coach supervision from four business schools. His key areas of interest include coaching, team coaching, mentoring, talent development, leadership, governance, ethics and the decolonization of coaching.

Prof. Philippe Rosinski

Global Leadership Developer and Executive Coach; Prof. Philippe Rosinski is an expert in executive coaching, team coaching and global leadership development. He is based in Belgium and is also a Professor at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business in Tokyo. His book Coaching Across Cultures is available in ten languages.

Lyra Puspa

Strategic Transformation Coach, Business and Organizational Neuroscientist; Lyra Puspais a founding member of ICF Chapter Indonesia Jakarta as well as Founder and Chief Executive Officer Vanaya Institute. She has coached hundreds of Corporate CEOs, Fortune 500 top executives, entrepreneurs and investors with more than 5,000 coaching hours.

Dr. Gil Bozer

Workplace Coaching Researcher, Senior Lecturer and Management Consultant; Dr. Gil Bozer is a pioneer in the research of workplace coaching, in addition to being an author and senior lecturer at Sapir Academic College, Israel where he teaches executive coaching, management, and leadership. He has also published numerous articles in leading practitioner magazines such as Training Magazine, Harvard Business Review Italia and Chief Executive as well as for many scientific journals.

Dr. Terrence Maltbia

Faculty Director, Educator and Consultant; Dr. Terrence Maltbia is an experienced professional in organizational development, the Director of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program and faculty member for the Department of Organization and Leadership, Teachers College of Columbia University. His work has helped provide insights on the interdisciplinary nature of team leadership coaching as well as on the emerging frontiers of the coaching field.

Dr. Yi-Ling Lai

Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London; Dr. Yi-Ling Lai is a Lecturer and Program Director of MSc Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. She has had several years academic experience at the University of Portsmouth. Her research mainly concentrates on the psychological evidence in the coaching process and combines social psychological theory such as social identity with organization studies which includes topics such as workplace well-being and resilience.

Dr. Jabulile Msimango-Galawe

Senior Lecturer, Researcher and Business & Executive Coach; Dr. Jabulile Msimango-Galawe is the Program Director of the MM – Business and Executive Coaching at the Wits Business School and Board Member at the Graduate School Alliance of Coaching Education (GSAEC). She has over 17 years of working experience and is very passionate about the development and sustainability of small businesses in South Africa.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly

Vice President Research and Transfer at SRH Berlin; Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly’s research focuses on topics such as the effects of coaching, new work from a psychological perspective (psychological empowerment), interaction processes and diversity in teams, quality of people development measures and people selection processes.

Dr. Ruth Wageman

Leading Scholar, Advisor and Educator; Dr. Ruth Wageman is one of the foremost scholars and practitioners who specializes in the field of Organizational Behavior, studying and teaching the design and leadership of task performing teams. She is an Associate Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University and the core of her research has been focused on the conditions that influence superb team performance for the last thirty years.

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