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The Challenge

During a time of organizational upheaval sparked by the COVID19 pandemic, JTI were looking for new ways to sustainably support their workforce learning and development. A digital approach was the only way forward. When it came to digitalizing their processes at the beginning, JTI were not quite ready, but they quickly learned how to accelerate and now, 100% of their key programs are digitalized. JTI remains committed to supporting their employees with individualized development, using flexible and integrated talent management solutions. Part of their digital learning portfolio was to offer digital coaching to their employees.

The goal was to apply an agile culture and mindset, whilst empowering their employees to make decisions for themselves. Additionally, they needed to ensure that support was accessible, no matter the place nor time zone.

The Result

One of the other challenges JTI faced was ensuring the psychological safety of their teams during difficult and changing environments. JTI already had a number of successful initiatives in place for employee well-being, but an unexpected benefit from having partnered with CoachHub, was having a safe space and support from a personal coach.

One of the most important elements of digital coaching for JTI was it’s diversity. JTI understands that how an employee may use a coach is very diverse and unique to each individual, but the outcome is the same – engaged and more committed employees.

With a new-found agile mindset and culture, JTI will continue to use solutions that are accessible and sustainable, with a mantra to keep their employees evolving and developing for purpose.

“The introduction to digital coaching came at exactly the right time, right in the middle of fire. Our pilot was extremely successful and now we have rolled out the initiative globally. We are expanding it because of the demand. We are embedding this into our learning culture because collaborative learning is becoming part of our DNA.”

Yuliana Balashkevych Global L&D Director at JTI

“The majority of our employees who are using digital coaching have said they are using their coach to not only help with their professional career, but to talk about personal challenges, whether that is inside or outside of work. Digital coaching allows our employees to stop and see the world differently. Coaching plays an important role because it’s a conversation and it’s support from others that we all need during these unprecedented times.”

Aleksandra Rzeszutek L&D Knowledge Expert Manager

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