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CoachHub · 3 October 2022 · 6 min read

The market for personal development is gaining traction globally and generated over 41 billion USD in 2021 (Grandview Research, Personal Development Market Size Report, 2021). The market is expected to continue to grow at a 5.5% compound annual growth rate between 2022 and 2030, coaches are about to experience a boom in their craft in the coming years and as a result, there are expectations of significant growth in the coaching industry over this period.

While the market trends as promising, coaching providers must be aware that coaching is complex and dynamic, and the issues that clients bring are constantly changing. Coach providers must thus stay up to date with the trends and support their coaching pools with training, development, and support to be able to respond to the changing agendas of their coachees’.

At CoachHub that’s why we have taken two bold steps. Firstly, we have created the Digital Coaching Institute (DCI) to support our coach community with the best learning, development, and supervision program.

Secondly, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 priorities coachees are working on this quarter. Based on a global sample of over 10,000 coachees, we’ve been able to draw valuable insights into people’s priorities. This helps us to understand what our clients – and yours too, are most interested in dealing with or need a coach’s help with.

It could be easy to assume that certain people have specific life goals and expectations based on their age grade or the phase of life they are in. With this list of priorities, we help you take out the guesswork and get going on helping your prospective clients reach their goals for this quarter.

Top 10 Topics Coachees Are Prioritizing in This Quarter

Understanding the key areas your coaches need you to help them address can be valuable in creating customized plans for them. It could also foster the popularity of niche-based coaching, which allows coaches to focus on clients who seek to be coached in specific areas of life rather than applying a general approach to all. Most of these priorities are drawn from self-awareness, a segment of personal development expected to grow at a 6.9% CAGR between 2022 and 2030 (Grandview Research, Personal Development Market Size Report, 2021).

1. Conflict management

Everyday life comes with its challenges, and it’s not unusual to find people struggling with managing the conflict that comes with various relationships. More people would rather collaborate in managing conflicts than use other styles (Niagara Institute, 2022). However, without proper guidance, many are likely to mismanage discord rather than master it.

Now more people want to understand how to master and manage conflicts. Knowing that this is a major need for your coachees, you get to help them define possible action points that could contribute to achieving this goal. Beyond the surface need to manage conflict, are more deep-seated needs that your clients may not have discovered, and will need to discover with your help, as your sessions progress.

2. Emotional regulation

Coachees are getting vested in understanding what it takes to regulate their emotions. This reveals that more people are concerned that they may not be emoting rightly to circumstances around them and need the help of coaches to figure this out. As a coach, it would be great to provide your expertise in helping them to uncover patterns and negative paradigms that make emotional regulation a struggle for them. Once discovered, you can work with them to craft new paradigms that significantly shape their ability to regulate situations emotionally, without losing out on their empathic side or being overly emotionally sensitive.

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3. Time management

Most people know that time management is an important skill to have, as it helps them to master many other aspects of their lives and boost their productivity. Unfortunately, a large pool of people struggles with getting this right and are now seeking ways to do it better. Acknowledging the need to master time management is a crucial aspect of self-awareness for most people, and coaches can work with them to unravel habits, patterns, and paradigms that make it difficult for many to manage their time. Consequently, they must discover deep-seated mental constructs that frustrate the effective use, control, and management of their time. With a coach’s expert lenses, it’s easier to work around such constructs and form new and effective ones that help to improve their time management skills.

4. Resilience

With resilience, more can be achieved on an individual’s life wheel than is likely to be done without it. People want to know what it takes to develop grit in the face of the most daring circumstances, without buckling under the weight of the pressure that comes with it. A coach’s insight and expertise will help to reshape their outlook and reconstruct new self-identities that help them to stay tough at achieving their goals regardless of the challenges.

5. Communication

Coachees are interested in discovering more ways to improve their communication abilities as more people are beginning to understand how fundamental this skill is, to being great at anything. With a coach’s help, they can understand key ways to improve their communication skills and get better at relaying their thoughts, listening, and giving feedback. Essentially being able to cover and master the critical aspects of communication will prove useful for many persons in their personal and professional life.

6. Mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness span across various aspects of a person’s life; socially, physically, and psychologically. While some are aware of the basics, many still consent to the need for guidance, preferably with the help of a coach to do it right. Since the results are all-encompassing, coaches can consciously help their clients work through this core need.

7. Growth mentality

Developing a growth mindset is another key area that coachees are concerned about. As a core aspect of personal development, some have struggled with various setbacks that have hampered their mindset about winning at their goals. Coaches are a beacon of hope in this regard and can guide their clients to let go of harmful paradigms and develop a mindset that embraces growth.

8. Centeredness

There’s a degree of centeredness required for people to connect to their core and harness their true potential. Without the help of coaches, it might be difficult for people to get to this phase especially when they constantly feel the need to please others. Now that more people are prioritizing this as a need, coaches have ample opportunity to help their clients achieve this.

9. Goal setting

All of life’s attainment is critical to setting goals and respondents regard it as a priority as well. As a coach, working out strategies and goals with coachees as it pertains to their wheel of life goals, can help to produce phenomenal results that help them to advance to higher phases of life.

10. Delegation

Delegation is a core leadership quality that’s highly important for many to achieve great results in their professional life. Essentially, coachees are considering it to be a priority and require the expertise of their coaches to be able to do this effectively.

Final Words…

With these insights provided by a pool of over 10,000 coachees, as a coach, you don’t have to struggle with figuring out the priorities of your clients. These insights are useful in driving conversations during coaching sessions and are great to determine your client’s likely needs. This way, you can cut down time spent in conversations and move on to guiding your clients to take effective actions for quality results.

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