Employee Wellbeing – Support Mental Health at Work with CoachHub Wellbeing™

Support mental health in the workplace and overall well-being with CoachHub Wellbeing™

A proactive and personal approach to coaching

CoachHub Wellbeing™

Discover how digital coaching can
support your workforces’ well-being.

Establish a caring culture that helps your company flourish

Investing in your employee’s well-being dramatically improves their mental and emotional health, reduces stress and most importantly, can bring meaning and purpose to their work. The presence of positive emotions bring higher levels of engagement, productivity and growth to the workplace.


higher earnings per share growth rate for companies with highly engaged workforces.


higher profit for companies who invest in employee wellbeing and mental health.


higher productivity and innovation for companies who invest in employee wellbeing.

Care and compassion tailor-made for each person

Working on your mental health at work is a day-to-day process and some days might be easier than others. With CoachHub Wellbeing™, our coaches guide you through the tough moments in your life and support you with useful tools that help you tap into your emotions. Our goal is to help employees with self-reflection and mental health awareness so that each individual can feel empowered and resilient.

Revitalizing well-being for everyone

A person’s mental health is a key component in their ability to feel confident, healthy and happy. By personalizing your employee development plan, you ensure that each person’s needs are addressed, that employees and managers can improve their skills and provide the highest impact to your business. Well-being coaching supports all people across the full spectrum of health so they can maximize their capabilities and ultimately reach their goals.

Here’s how it works:

Enhancing technology to provide the best care

Using our proprietary matching algorithm, we can ensure each worker is paired with the right coach and can focus on key areas such as resilience, centeredness and growth.

Coaching pool full of mental health and well-being experts

We offer 1:1 coaching centered on a personalized relationship that is encouraging and compassionate. Our professional certified coaches have a background and experience in mental health and psychology in the workplace. They provide our coachees with reflection, space, support and insight.

Holistic coaching framework

Our program is dedicated to inspire each worker and help them grow as a person. By doing so, we help individuals find balance and purpose in the workplace, as well as providing them with the tools that enhances their communication and performance skills.

Since March 2020, our entire company has switched to a 100% teleworking model like many, which has had a major impact on collaboration methods, particularly for managers. Loneliness, anxiety, remote team management are direct impacts on some of our employees and managers. We had to offer solutions to help them and our choice of providing individual support through coaching proved to be the best solution to adapt to their individual needs.

Maude Roger – Global Culture Manager at CoachHub Client Payfit

Improving employee satisfaction = incredible results

We help our clients capture data throughout the coaching journey, showcasing individual growth and highlighting measurable outcomes for your organization.


of coachees report improved work performance.


higher employee engagement from coaching compared to conventional eLearning.

9 out of 10

employees have an increased sense of purpose thanks to digital coaching.

8 out of 10

coachees see a strong reduction in their level of stress.

Positive experiences

Our personalized coaching programs are designed to ensure the psychological safety for your teams. Online coaching provides a safe space for employees to open up and feel relaxed. We let our coachees identify and choose their own topics and develop their own solutions and strategies.

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Globala kontor

Den ledande globala digitala coachingplattformen

CoachHub är den ledande globala plattformen för kompetensutveckling som ger organisationer möjlighet att skapa ett personligt, mätbart och skalbart coachingprogram för alla anställda, oavsett avdelning och yrkesnivå. Genom att göra det kan organisationer dra nytta av en mängd fördelar, bland annat ökat personalengagemang, högre produktivitet, förbättrad arbetsprestation och behålla personalen. CoachHubs globala pool av coacher består av över 3 500 certifierade affärscoacher i 90 länder på sex kontinenter med coachingsessioner på över 60 språk som betjänar fler än 500 kunder. Våra program baseras på avancerad forskning och utveckling från vårt Coaching Lab, som leds av prof. Jonathan Passmore och vårt vetenskapsråd. CoachHub backas upp av ledande tech-investerare, bland annat Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech och Silicon Valley Bank/SVB Capital. I september 2021 förvärvade CoachHub den franska digitala coachingpionjären MoovOne för att etablera en global vinnare som fokuserar på att gemensamt föra ut coaching till alla.
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