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CoachHub · 23 September 2021 · 3 min read

As workplaces have gradually become digital, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, coaching has had to follow suit. Not only is this often more convenient and accessible for coaches and their coachees, it also permits a progressively more global outlook in coaching. Individuals can now access coaches from all over the world at their fingertips, without having to invest time and money in travel.

CoachHub is at the forefront of innovation in global digital coaching, and to support these efforts, has acquired French market leader MoovOne. The acquisition will consolidate the European digital coaching landscape and allows CoachHub to further strengthen its position as a global leader, benefitting from a wider pool of highly qualified coaches. The move follows a recent round of Series B2 funding, which raised a further $80 million, bringing the total funds raised to $130 million since 2019. The acquisition will further boost CoachHub’s global expansion in line with the market’s fast growth.

MoovOne is a pioneer in the digital coaching market in France, having been a key player in the industry since its conception in 2015. Benefitting from a digital and human approach, MoovOne offers personalised coaching programmes adapted to individual circumstances, and has coached over 10,000 employees in the last 6 years. CoachHub shares these values in its role as the leading global digital coaching platform, providing personalised, measurable, and scalable coaching programmes for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. CoachHub and MoovOne’s unison reflects a common goal to democratise digital coaching within organisations worldwide.

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A common culture

CoachHub and MoovOne’s aligned values will allow the organisations to smoothly line up their talented teams in order to bring valuable coaching experiences to their clients. Both organisations were founded by siblings, and pride themselves on their strong family values. This means building a strong internal culture founded on the principles of coaching: reflection, self-improvement, organisational and behavioural change. The combined organisation is thus well-placed to provide coaching for other organisations, as they already agree upon the merit of coaching as a practice.

Coaching, which is specifically digital, accessible, and scalable is another important aspect of CoachHub and MoovOne’s combined approach. Digital career coaching is in high demand at present as organisations tap into the merits of personal growth for their employees, increasingly important as we redefine the workplace and our collective relationship to it. In the same way, the use of technology for coaching is increasingly popular, as it seamlessly integrates with new models of remote working. CoachHub and MoovOne align on the value of digital coaching, with a firm commitment to world-class data security behind the scenes of their platforms.

As coaching becomes increasingly digital it becomes easier to build customised coaching platforms that meet the needs of employees at every level of an organisation. CoachHub and MoovOne are working towards a common goal of democratising coaching to make the practice accessible for all employees, regardless of their seniority or department. With MoovOne on board the combined company will be in a better position to transform coaching and development for their new shared client base, improving productivity, employee engagement and retention.

Progressing from strength to strength

The day-to-day impact of this new partnership between CoachHub and MoovOne will be significant, as the combined force of the two organisations will make them well positioned to offer a wide variety of coaches with a diversity of specialisms for their clients. CoachHub currently disposes of 2,500 coaches across 70 countries and 60 languages, which when merged with MoovOne’s pool will provide a wealth of capabilities in workplace coaching for the combined organisation’s 500 clients across all continents. This will support CoachHub’s mission to further diversify coaching and offer a more tailored experience to different organisations and individuals.

MoovOne’s employees will also contribute to another key focus for CoachHub: supporting advancements in coaching as a scientific practice. They will work alongside CoachHub’s existing team of leading behavioural experts, as well as the coaching lab, led by the recently appointed Senior Vice President of Coaching, Professor Jonathan Passmore. These expert researchers gather insights on human behaviour, contributing both to wider advancements in the coaching discipline and CoachHub’s individual platform. Working with MoovOne will allow the combined company to leverage the latest innovation and technology in coaching, in order to improve the overall offer.

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