The more sophisticated the functionality of a digital coaching platform, the more diverse the tools the coach and coachee have at their disposal. This is used to make digital coaching as interactive as possible and to implement interventions as is done in presence coaching. A good digital platform should therefore have three basic functions:

  1. Various communication channels such as chat, telephone, video conference, etc., in order to be able to make contact in a variety of ways.
  2. Customer service that accompanies the coach and coachee through the digital provision of learning materials and supports them in the event of technical difficulties.
  3. Transparency and secure management of data, be it the results of visualisation exercises, transfer tasks or goals, documentation of notes or appointments that the coach and coachee can securely access.

The more the process support is weighted, the more extensive the entire coaching process is mapped and automated via the platform. For example, some platforms focus specifically on the placement of coaches, while other platforms support the coaching process holistically. This includes the selection of suitable coaches, coaching process management such as finding and reminding appointments, or the documentation of coaching sessions including document management, an overview of sessions, or saving notes and evaluation results. A major advantage of this process support is the possibility of individual progress measurement. In addition, the coaching sessions can be easily managed for both the coachee and the coach.

With the following checklist you can check whether a digital coaching platform meets your requirements.

Download the Coaching Platform Checklist here

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