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The Challenge

Fast-growing, progressive and determined to make a lasting global impact. The story of Kry, better known as Livi outside Scandinavia and Germany, is very similar to CoachHub’s. We’re speaking about the European leader in hybrid health consulting, empowering thousands of professionals to consult their patients from an on-demand service via an app, as well as physical health centres. Since launching in early 2015, it has completed over 3 million patient meetings.

At the start of the pandemic, from February to March 2020, the number of doctors and patients building on Kry grew exponentially. In direct response to these unprecedented challenges, the Swedish company launched a free version of its platform. This enabled each health professional across Europe to connect securely with its patients via video conferencing. Kry’s platform and tools are now being used in 30 European markets. Magdalena Karlsson, Learning & Development Partner at Kry/Livi, has been used to a fast-growing number of employees and activities since her start. But now her team needed to find resources to shift from gear 5 to 6. More support was needed to guide the organization through this fast-paced transformation.

“When I joined the company 3.5 years ago, we were a team of 50. Now reflecting in the middle of 2021, we consist of 600+ employees. We’re in a constant change mode. This basically means all our employees need to be able to act as change agents, from the board, line managers to the staff. To collaborate efficiently, coach each other, and to communicate effectively remotely and across cultural differences.”

The Result

Kry’s use of CoachHub has been steadily increasing over the course of 2021, with already hundreds of facilitated video sessions occurring in the same year. The satisfaction rate appears to be very high.

  • Out of the facilitated coaching sessions, 100% of Kry’s users reported that they and their coach respect each other.
  • 98% of the CoachHub users at Kry have reported that they and their coach agree on what is important for them to work on.
  • 98% of the CoachHub users at Kry have reported that they feel the coaching sessions will help them to accomplish the changes they want.
  • Among users at Kry, CoachHub is being awarded with a 100% Net Promoter Score: all of them would recommend digital coaching at
    CoachHub to their colleagues.
  • 80% of the CoachHub users at Kry have confirmed they want to continue using CoachHub.

With an optimal agile mindset and culture, Kry will continue to build on the power of digital to shape the future of health consulting, as well as mentally strengthening and empowering its own people.

In the process, Magdalena and her team identified that digital coaching also matches with other personal development programs. “For example, the leadership 360 assessments our managers are provided with here”, she says. “They can reflect on those assessments in conversations with their coach.” Moreover, sometimes the managers spontaneously share their new mental insights with their peers. “In this way, our individual learnings become mutual ones quite effectively”, says Karlsson. “Additionally, managers also share their learnings in a Slack channel.”

“I was very impressed to be able to review the suggested coaches and see videos of them describing their approaches. From the three suggestions, I chose the coach who I thought would challenge me and have worked in a similar industry to me. It was important to me that my coach would understand and have experience of leadership within a technology company. It works very well that my coach holds me accountable to follow up on challenging assignments that push me out of my comfort zone. We have so many light-bulb moments in our sessions where she asks just the right question to change my frame of reference and move past something that has been blocking me. I would highly recommend CoachHub to anyone interested in developing themselves or facing difficult challenges and needing support from a new perspective.”

Paul McKenna,
Engineering Manager

CoachHub was first piloted amongst a small group of leaders at Kry/Livi and I was one of them. My coach [Laura] has helped me with my professional life by actively listening and helping me reach solutions during our discussion but she has also helped me become a better person by helping me understand my values and be more authentic as a person.”

Sumitra Balakrishnan,
Global Performance Marketing Director at Kry/Livi.

“Aside from introducing it, I personally also had a super positive experience with CoachHub. My coach guided me to discover things about myself, I wouldn’t have found without her. I’m much more self-aware. And what I thought that would be perceived as one of my bad traits, something you should hide, can actually be turned into a very positive trait. Depending on how I apply them, colleagues can benefit from them. I think these insights are super powerful because you just can’t find all the answers yourself, and even more when you work in a fast-scaling culture.

“As more and more companies have begun working remotely and will continue to do so at least partly after the pandemic, digital coaching fulfils a key role as the organization’s glue. The way we communicate, express our thoughts, feelings and vision, needs to be adjusted to leave a convincing impression through a video connection. You need to be much more structured and focused in the way you interact during one-on-ones. You will check in more often to sense how things are going. At the same time as an organization, you need to adapt to how to create a feeling of together-
ness and belonging. Digital coaching is an important part of the right answer to this challenge. Our workforce is very positive about CoachHub since using it.”

Magdalena Karlsson,
Learning & Development Manager at Kry/Livi.

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CoachHub is the leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create a personalised, measurable and scalable coaching programme for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organisations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 70 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 60 languages, to serve more than 500 clients. Our programmes are based on advanced R&D from our Coaching Lab, led by Prof. Jonathan Passmore and our Science Council. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors, including Draper Esprit, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Partech, RTP Global, Signals Venture Capital and Speedinvest. In September 2021, CoachHub acquired French digital coaching pioneer MoovOne to build a global champion focused on jointly democratising coaching.
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