Schneider Electric Scales Coaching and Feedback to Transform Its Culture

An Energy Solutions Company

Schneider Electric is a global energy solutions company with a presence in over 100 countries and 128,000 employees. Founded in 1836, it has become a market leader in energy-related technologies, software, and services. The company’s focus on sustainability and culture of coaching and caring have contributed to its growth and success, while its agility and resilience prepare it for industry disruptors.

To develop a scalable yet tailorable coaching program that emphasized feedback and generated value, Schneider Electric recognized the challenge of implementing it in local business practices and cultural contexts. A one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work for a global workforce, and too many similar coaching programs would lead to confusion and cannibalization. The key was to instill value to promote adoption and build a coach-and-care culture.

Scaling Coaching for a Global Workforce

Schneider Electric needed a flexible coaching offer that fit into local contexts while maintaining high value. They chose CoachHub, because the end-to-end coachee experience includes intelligent coach matching, digital coaching sessions, assessments, progress reviews, and coaching assignments. Coachees must meet four critical milestones to demonstrate successful program participation. Coach matching is the most critical success factor, and coachees personalize their experience and goals through flexible development plans. The coaching journey lasts for four to six months, and at the end, participants debrief with their manager.

Results and Next Step

Over 1,082 employees_from 45 countries completed a coaching journey in just 18 months, with 70% rating their coaching experience 4.9 out of 5 on average. These metrics were obtained through a scientifically validated questionnaire. Schneider Electric plans to continue scaling its offerings due to the positive reception. They are currently testing a team coaching offer that works with entire teams or groups of individuals with common performance objectives to facilitate discussions on working relationships. Schneider Electric has also started leveraging CoachHub for end-to-end upskilling programs and executive coaching offerings to support senior leaders within different regions. Coaching for Impact has provided meaningful learning and development for managers while helping achieve Schneider Electric’s larger organizational goals.

Lessons Learned

The successful rollout of a coach and care culture was attributed to three key factors: streamlining coaching offerings to avoid confusion, catering to business unit needs to generate enrollment demand, and recognizing the importance of human connection to further the transformation journey. By receiving coaching, leaders are believed to give more coaching and feedback, creating a virtuous cycle of connection, care, and learning.

Schneider Electric’s managers have been strong in practical, tactical, and strategic behaviors but coaching, demonstrating care, and engaging in feedback have been challenging. The company’s cultural transformation has prioritized human connection, making coaching a strategic supplement. This has enabled Schneider Electric to scale coaching effectively.

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