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Empower your people to thrive with personalized, measurable and scalable digital coaching programs.

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CoachHub is your trusted global talent development platform, transforming organizations with measurable people development that unlocks employee potential at scale.

Real value. Measurable results.

Companies with digital coaching cultivate a culture of positive change that transforms the entire organization.


Higher retention of top performers

(ICF / HCI, 2019)


Higher profitability

(ICF / HCI, 2019)


Higher customer satisfaction

(ICF, 2019)

How digital coaching programs work


AI-driven matching with top coaches

Each coachee selects their ideal coach from our global pool of certified business coaches.


Coaching sessions anytime, anywhere

Coachees can schedule and join coaching sessions easily via our digital platform.


Personalized learning content

Keep coachees engaged every step of the way with CoachHub Academy learning materials between sessions.


Measure impact with CoachHub Insights™

Get real-time analytics and manage coaching programs from our user-friendly platform.

Discover personalized coaching programs

Personal assessments and growth plans
Science-backed holistic coaching framework
Enrich learning with the CoachHub Academy

Access the world’s leading business coaches

Tap into a network of 3,500+ coaches, including industry leaders. All are certified by world-leading coaching associations, boasting at least 6 years of professional expertise.

Scale with our coaching platform

Global coaching in 80+ languages
HR Analytics with CoachHub Insights™
Enterprise ready

Safety & data protection

Our platform is programmed entirely in-house using only the highest industry standards to guarantee data protection and ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Experience the impact of a coaching culture

Make coming to work fulfilling
Make people your competitive advantage
Reach your business targets

6 good reasons to invest in digital coaching

Traditional learning is ineffective

75% of employees say traditional workplace training is ineffective, according to McKinsey.

Digital coaching offers a meaningful alternative. It creates a change that sticks through reflective learning and actionable strategies. All of this fosters a growth mindset that extends far beyond the coaching period.

One size doesn’t fit all

Everyone is different, and so is their path to learning. Our coaching adapts to each employees needs. We start by understanding their strengths, then matching each person with the right coach.

Between sessions, each coachee is supported by a library of on-demand, specialized learning content that supports continuous growth and development.

Overcome logistical headaches

Gone are the days of juggling calendars, booking rooms and jumping between platforms to deliver L&D programs.

Our digital coaching platform offers a centralized home for fast program roll out, coaching delivery and program tracking.

Is coaching only for C-Suite?

No! At CoachHub we firmly believe that unlocking the capabilities of every employee has the potential to improve a company’s bottom line.

The benefits of coaching include increased employee engagement,  improved job performance and increased retention.

CoachHub Insights™ as your mission control center

The HR analytics dashboard provides powerful, real-time insights and analytics to manage coaching programs.

Explore powerful metrics on coachee engagement, satisfaction and impact to help your team accelerate growth and achieve its goals.

Limitless integration possibilities

Our platform fits right in with your existing tools. Thanks to our open API approach, it’s ready to integrate with your software and streamline processes. Helping you to save time, gain deeper insights and maximize impact.

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CoachHub is a leading global talent development platform that enables organizations to create personalized, measurable and scalable coaching programs for their entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. By doing so, organizations are able to reap a multitude of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, improved job performance and increased retention. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 90 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 80 languages. Serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide, CoachHub’s innovative coaching programs are based on proprietary scientific research and development from its Innovation Lab. CoachHub is backed by leading tech investors, including Sofina, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Molten Ventures, Speedinvest, HV Capital, Partech and Silicon Valley Bank/SVB Capital. CoachHub was certified as a carbon-neutral company and consistently measures, reduces, and implements strategies to minimize its environmental impact.

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