Professional Development: Top Challenges and Opportunities for Managers

CoachHub · 5 August 2021 · 4 min read

42% of millennials would leave a company very fast if the experiential learning curve is steep and slow. So, developing a strategy for boosting employee careers and revolutionizing professional learning in organizations is paramount to developing talent and retaining it.

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The professional development process, alias skills & career management tackles a host of other essential aspects in a work environment. Are you interested to learn more about this incredible opportunity? Then read on.

Why is Professional Development Important?

Precisely, professional development boosts employees’ competences in their area of specialization. Adapted professional education ensures skills and knowledge remain up to date and relevant. It enables employees to improve on their DISC, as well as discover new trends and the future of the industry. Moreover, employees will appreciate the managers for considering their rights to career improvement.

Advancement in Training Techniques

The evolution of the computer has, to a great extent, impacted the labor market and vocational corporate training. But for great reasons. New technologies continue to sprout, which has triggered peoples’ expectations when it comes to insightful learning.

Digitization of Corporate Education Institutions

The term “corporate university” may sound alien to many people. Yet, with digital transformation, these learning processes and continuous professional developments have grown significantly. They come in handy to company leaders that are looking to promote talent management and professional corporate training.

There are three major qualities of a credible corporate university: good use of new technologies, customized support, as well as global and local considerations. With the assistance of the Learning Management System (LMS), this program resulted in a culture of digital learning on demand.

Blended Learning

Face-to-face professional development training has been the norm for years. Today, however, blended learning is shaking things up. This innovative and mixed approach incorporates e-learning resources and face-to-face sessions.

There is high potential, and apparently people are talking about this means of learning, making it a viable opportunity to leverage in-person and digital professional development courses – the perfect ways to shift from face-to-face experiential learning to everything digital.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has revolutionized coaching by improving nomadism and mobility for people. This insightful learning technique has been made accessible through digital tools like tablets and smartphones. This allows professionals to learn at any time and anywhere. As a result, the “nomadization” of experiential learning, while still a new concept, is gradually taking root, making connectivity and mobile a subject of focus for employees.

Solutions to New Challenges Facing Professional Development Opportunities

Preventing Knowledge and Skills from Becoming Obsolete

CEDEFOP research study reports that skill obsolescence affects 21% of employees aged 30-39 and 31% of those aged between 50 and 55. Therefore, the group of concern would be the seniors (workers aged 50-55) – although the same is valid for both overqualified and under-qualified profiles.

There have been many economic and technological reforms that have rendered professional skills obsolete, such as artificial intelligence, automation of tasks, and marked competitiveness. To prevent such an ordeal from happening, great leaders are starting to leverage professional development, which is an effective talent management that ensures a high level of soft and hard skills, and which is proving to be the solution.

Retain Talents with Great Intellectual Potential

We can deduce the following from the obsolescence of skills: the training-work-retirement program does not function anymore. Secondly, continuous vocational coaching is becoming the best way of developing talent and retaining it. Finally, adapting the right modules within an organization is the best talent acquisition approach and ensures employee retention.

Remain Motivated and Proactive in an Ever-changing Environment

We live in a world that is evolving very fast : what works today may not be useful tomorrow. And the needs of businesses are changing by days. This has been witnessed clearly with the coronavirus epidemic.

So, committing to a professional development strategy allows decision makers to embrace new needs. To sum up, a manager and leader should consider continuous professional career mobility as this management strategy is a definite precursor of future challenges and needs.

Bringing back the magic into the daily lives of managers

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Digital Coaching and Its Role in Professional Development

Digital coaching is the latest wave of online tech-based service that incorporates various leadership development processes into a single experience or program. This form of professional training promotes leadership training extensively. It is also affordable and highly effective.

Its Role in Professional Development

A Digitized Tool

Digital corporate training is key experience in developing talent, and is highly instrumental in supporting remote development. Its success relies on adapted professional support, customized and consistent with nomadization of insightful coaching.

CoachHub gives you the benefit of autonomy in steering your journey, while receiving solid support throughout each phase, through instant messaging, videoconferencing, and technical support, all in a safe approach.

In addition, CoachHub is an SSL certified entity that is compliant with the GDPR. We safeguard your data in our ISO 27001 certified database.

Sustainable Development Of Your Employees

A company’s commitment to professional development and career mobility is beneficial to promote employee retention and draw new talented skills (this is what we call in better terms, Employer Brand). Digital coaching helps to alleviate these needs. Coaching develops professional skills, and contributes to developing commitment and motivation of employees who feel that they are recognized, gaining self-confidence as a result.

A ROIste Tool

Digital coaching can be said to be a ROIste tool. For example, it is more affordable than in-person classes. It promotes career mobility, boosts employees’ productivity and reduces the drastic loss of talent.

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