Why Digital Coaching Increases Logistics Employee Retention

CoachHub · 3 June 2022 · 4 min read

Logistics employee retention is a top priority for companies, but also an increasingly difficult success metric to meet. For reasons varying from relentless challenges around COVID-19, continued supply chain shortages, and the fallout from geopolitical conflicts, a “lucrative job” simply isn’t enough to attract and keep skilled talent. Employees―and prospective employees―are searching for companies that provide stability in uncertain times as well as innovative resources to help them deal with the exponential rise in stress and uncertainty in logistics.

With this shift in workforce priorities, many logistics business leaders have been scrambling to find ways to stay ahead of the Great Resignation curve―as well as to address the conundrum of attracting a new generation of workers to the industry. However, organizations are increasingly discovering that there are professional development solutions that can provide support and stability to their workforce. And for those that want to take their L&D investment a step further than a generic company-wide training or executive coaching alone, digital coaching offers cost-effective and turn-key development opportunities to employees at all levels of the company.

What are the keys to logistics employee retention?

Stability in uncertain times

While it’s impossible to predict the future in the current logistics market with 100% accuracy, what organizations can do to provide a sense of stability is to provide employees with resources to deal with and effectively manage change. Through adopting a supportive culture that provides resources for employees as they develop into more adaptable and agile team members, your workforce will have the opportunity to not only survive uncertainty, but also learn to thrive in transformational circumstances.

Development opportunities
The CoachHub 2021 Global HR Survey indicated 92% of logistics companies recognized the importance of adapting learning and development programs to the current business climate. On the flip side, 69% of logistics employees stated they don’t currently receive enough training and development. This discrepancy indicates a great opportunity for businesses to adapt and implement their learning and development priorities to meet the needs of their teams.

Development can be broken down even further into “professional development” and “personal development”―both of which are keys to workplace satisfaction and ultimately logistics employee retention.

  • Professional development: Upskilling and reskilling may be industry “buzz words,” but they’re also proving to be essential to logistics employee retention.Case in point: LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report found that 94% of employees would remain with their company if it made an investment in their learning and development.
  • Personal development: While personal development may not intuitively fall under the remit of an employer’s responsibility, organizations should absolutely be concerned about employee well-being and burnout.Case in point: Kronos reports 46% of HR leaders claim that employee burnout is directly responsible for up to 50% of workforce turnover.

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Retaining logistical employees is achievable with digital coaching support

Stability In Uncertain Times

With an estimated cost of one-half to 2x an employee’s annual salary (Gallup, 2019,) it is clear that retention should be a top priority―especially in times of organizational change or business challenges.

CoachHub coaches help employees find solutions for managing stress and uncertainty by addressing common issues such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Disengagement
  • Communication
  • Burnout
  • Focus and time-management

Professional development
LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report found that the top three employee motivations to learn new skills were all related to their careers:

  1. Staying up-to-date in their field
  2. Personalization to their specific interests and career goals
  3. Helps them to get another internal job, be promoted, or get closer to reaching career goals.

CoachHub fosters this growth mindset through professional development tracks such as:

  1. Performance and engagement
  2. Employee wellbeing
  3. Transformation and leadership

And with 72% of logistics respondents to the Global HR Survey reporting that they prioritized the development of existing employees over external recruitment, digital coaching is poised to meet both employer and employee goals.

Personal development:
Our research has shown that investing in workforce wellbeing and mental health produces 20% higher productivity and innovation as well as 4x higher profits. How is this possible?Establishing a caring culture reduces stress, increases resiliency, and can even bring increased meaning and purpose to work.

CoachHub coaches guide coachees not only through tumultuous times, but also through times of growth and wellness by focusing on soft skills development.

Employee wellbeing through coaching resources:

Bottom line

Like almost every other US industry, logistics is facing a retention crisis. COVID-19 caused many employees to reflect on both their professional and personal values, resulting in an increased desire and expectation for employer-sponsored support development opportunities. To be competitive in the global marketplace, logistics will need to step up its game by providing professional and personal development programs for their employees who are on the front lines of navigating almost constant change. Digital coaching through CoachHub offers personalized and scalable support to all levels of employees, ensuring they have the resources they need to stay and thrive in the logistics industry.

To explore the benefits and impacts of digital coaching for your industry, read our report, Connecting Teams Through Learning and Development in Logistics.

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