10 ways to work well from home

CoachHub · 8 February 2022 · 4 min read

With an increasing amount of us now working from home more often, we are also having to learn to embrace a whole new way of living and this can have a significant impact on our overall wellbeing.

Cultivating positive habits and behaviours is key if we want to remain healthy, happy, and productive. The following is a useful collection of suggestions to help you to work well from home:

1. Embrace the day and get up and get going

Refuse the snooze and get up and get going! It is not a good idea to start our workday whilst we are still in bed. Getting washed and dressed and taking pride in our appearance even if we aren’t going to see anyone will help us to feel so much better about ourselves. This will also have a big impact on our energy levels, motivation, and overall attitude.

Top Tip – Start your morning on a positive note by taking some time to think about what you are grateful for in your life ☺

2. Take a fake commute to and from work 

One clear way to create healthy boundaries between the beginning and end of our working day is to take a fake commute to and from work. Simply walking out of our home and around the block can help us to mentally prepare for the day ahead and it is a great way to unwind when the workday is over.

Top Tip – Change your clothes at the end of the day as this is a great way to signal to your brain that your workday is over, and it is now leisure and home time ☺

3. Plan your day and be smart with time management 

Aimlessly wandering into our day may be a lovely thing to do when we are on holiday or even on our day off; however, to get things done, planning, and structuring our day is much more helpful. Creating to-do lists for each goal and project and scheduling in proper breaks and mealtimes is essential for our overall wellbeing and energy levels.

Top Tip – Do the thing you least like doing first because this will make you feel lighter and more energised ☺

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4. Create a positive work environment

It is far more conducive for productivity to set up a designated workspace with everything that we need so that we can focus on tasks without being distracted. Decluttering and being tidy both at work and home will help us to feel far more organised and calmer. It can be stressful trying to find things in a cluttered environment.

Top Tip – Get a house plant for your desk to boost wellbeing and improve air quality. They make great organic air fresheners and keep us connected with nature

5. Move about and stretch 

I have a personal mantra and that is “Motion is the lotion”. It reminds me that the more I move about the more agile my body will be. It also stops the ‘tech neck’ pain we can get if we sit in one position for too long. Stretching is an excellent mood-boosting activity as it releases neurochemicals in the brain, like serotonin, which is the primary chemical associated with joy and elation.

Top Tip – When you are sitting at your desk, make a point of standing up every thirty minutes and stretch and move about. Even if you only do it for a couple of minutes, it will make you feel great

6. Get regular amounts of fresh air

Getting outside and breathing in fresh air and absorbing natural daylight is especially important when working remotely. Fresh air is brilliant for invigorating and stimulating the senses. So, taking breaks and getting outside as often as possible is helpful.

Top Tip – When you arrange a meeting with someone on a one-to-one basis why not suggest making it a walking meeting. It’s a great way to exercise and increases brain function which can stimulate creativity and innovation

7. Know when to switch off and rest

Creating moments of sanctuary in our day, and scheduling in proper breaks, is an excellent way to reenergise and refocus. Going immediately from one meeting or task to another can be exhausting. It is far more constructive to take some time out to have rest stops, so we can clear our minds, relax, and recharge.

Top Tip – Explore focused breathing exercises, meditation or even a bit of desk yoga which have all been scientifically proven to be highly effective for managing stress levels

8. Keep connected and communicate 

Human beings are social creatures, and we thrive by feeling connected to others so building and sustaining a strong network of supportive work colleagues can really help. Contributing to team chats and meetings is important and taking time for non-work chats is helpful. When we feel lonely or isolated it is important to reach out because we won’t be the only ones who may be feeling like this.

Top Tip – Keep your team messaging apps open for quick communication and collaboration as this is just one simple way to keep connected

9. Cultivate a lifelong love affair with learning

The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is essential in the dynamic and rapidly evolving world that we live in. Taking responsibility for our own development by cultivating a curious and growth mindset is the key to success.

Top Tip – Identify your own skills gaps and discuss with your line manager or work colleagues what support is available, i.e. coaching, mentoring, eLearning, training courses

10. Celebrate success 

When we anticipate achieving something, or we take time to recognise those achievements, dopamine, one of the quartet of chemicals responsible for our happiness, is released. So, relishing the opportunity to celebrate our successes, no matter how small, will give us an instant reward.

Top Tip – After you have finished work write down the 3 highlights of your working day and take a few moments to sit back and reflect upon these and feel proud of what you have achieved

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