CoachHub has been recognised in this year’s “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Technology”, published by Gartner, the world leading research and advisory company. CoachHub has been listed as a leading vendor within the category for Coaching/Mentoring applications, which achieved a ‘high’ benefit rating.

In the report, Gartner described the business impact of the democratisation of coaching and mentoring as being transformational for the development and engagement of the workforce.

“We expect these programs to expand rapidly and become a substantial part of the development cycle for the entire workforce. For areas such a middle management, it can soon become a standard expectation from employees. As use cases quickly expand to include diversity, millennial to senior employees (reverse mentoring), entire teams or new hires, so does the importance for scalability and the need for technology support”, John Kostoulas, senior director analyst at Gartner, said in the report.

The report adds that HR faces a particular challenge when it comes to managing the scalability of corporate mentoring and coaching programs, which need to extend to potentially thousands of employee sessions and a diverse range of development objectives, while being integrated to related company activities. “The use of technology to cover these requirements in a scalable way is exactly the scope of tools covered by mentoring/coaching solutions,” said Kostoulas.

CoachHub is one of a few vendors that has already achieved significant scale, working with multinational organisations and offering access to a network of coaches from around the world, covering over 30 languages.

CoachHub’s tool is also designed to optimise the matching process between coach and employee through their AI algorithm, manage the scheduling of the coaching and provide relevant content to accompany sessions, as well as reporting tools for HR managers to easily analyse the results.

“Since the pandemic, the need for digital coaching tools has become more pronounced due to the significant cutback in face-to-face meetings. There is now increasing demand to expand coaching services across the entire workforce. As a result, scalable digital solutions like ours are becoming essential for business success and a key internal selling point for brands”, said Yannis Niebelschuetz, CEO and co-founder of CoachHub. “We’re delighted to be named as a leading vendor in Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2020, and to see coaching and mentoring applications receive a ‘high’ benefit rating.”