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What to look for when selecting a coaching app

CoachHub · 17 November 2021 · 5 min read

“There’s an app for that” has gone from a novel phrase to a business requirement in a digital-first, mobile-first world. We don’t have to tell you; there are scores of apps on the market designed to do everything from keeping you entertained to growing your business. And the world of business coaching is no different. There are now a multitude of apps and software that have been designed specifically for coaches and their coachees. And they can be a highly effective way to up efficiency, deepen relationships, and digitise the coaching experience.

But if you’re a business leader looking for a digital coaching experience for your people, you may be wondering how a coaching app can help, and what to look for in a good coaching app. We hope this helps.

Software specifically designed for coaching is growing just as fast as the coaching industry itself. Digital Coaching is becoming more prominent than ever, and this trend is only likely to increase as the technology improves and science adds to the digital revolution. The great thing about the development of coaching apps is the benefits it can bring to your people. Below, we offer five key questions to consider before choosing a coaching app and the benefits of using a coaching app.

Consider your organisations’ coaching goals

Before you start to think in depth about which app is the right one, you need to think about your goals. Are you looking to improve leadership skills or company capabilities? Are you transitioning through organisational changes? Maybe you need to manage the transition to hybrid working or want to put in place a wellbeing programme to support your employees.

Coaching software can help you realise these goals, and an app can make the entire experience easier and more engaging. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s a little more on why you should consider using a coaching app.

Why you should invest in a digital coaching app

Beyond helping you meet your organisational goals and grow your people, all coaching apps have the benefit of being location-independent. This flexibility is crucial in today’s mobile-first world. A coaching app puts the coaching experience in the palm of the coachee’s hands so they can schedule coaching sessions and work on personal development at the best time and from the best location for them. A coaching app makes it easier for coachees to engage with and continue the coaching experience. The potential for increased participation and team growth alone makes using a coaching app worth it.

Coaching apps can typically be downloaded onto mobile or desktop devices, and as previously mentioned, that makes them readily available for coachees any time, anywhere. The CoachHub coaching app, for example, allows coachees to access their personal information and a dashboard, where they can track progress, book coaching sessions, and make use of a 24/7 chat functionality. However, not all coaching apps have this level of functionality, so it’s essential to take a close look at each platform and app before you choose.

Now that you know some of the powerful benefits of using a coaching app, let’s explore what you should look for in a coaching app to create the ideal digital coaching experience.

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Look for comprehensive coaching apps

The last thing you want is to add an app only to find that it doesn’t do everything you need, leading you to bounce from app to desktop to other tools to get the comprehensive experience that enhances the coaching relationship. You’ll want to make sure your coaching app provides an authentic end-to-end coaching experience. That should include everything from coach-matching to scheduling sessions and providing ongoing coachee engagement and detailed analytics.

Find a coaching app that provides solid data

When you invest in using a coaching app, you want to ensure it’s working. An excellent coaching app should offer features like accurate time analytics on usage, satisfaction, and progress of employees enrolled. Good data has the power to provide valuable insights that can make a big difference to your people and your organisation as a whole.

A coaching app should allow for personalisation

Every business is different, as is every digital coaching platform and app. The ease and convenience of an app are negated if it can’t work the way your team works. While not every coaching app offers complete customisation, you’ll want to find an app that can, at the very least, adapt to your employee needs.

Consider scalability when choosing a coaching app

For a coaching app to make a difference throughout an organisation, it has to be scalable and easily adoptable. You’ll also want a solution that is so difficult to use that an admin is needed.

A great example of a highly effective, easy-to-use, and engaging coaching app comes from CoachHub. When it comes to the above criteria, the CoachHub App checks all the boxes and more. Here’s a quick overview

What’s great about the CoachHub app

The key features of the CoachHub app include a variety of turnkey tools, including a dashboard overview and a calendar for booking coaching sessions. There is also video access for coaching sessions and meaningful activities and microlearning experiences to facilitate growth in between sessions.

The CoachHub app is also built to be customised. Individual organisations have the freedom and flexibility to incorporate things like company competency frameworks and assessments. The CoachHub app also allows you to personalise the layout to match your corporate identity.

Coach and coachee are thoughtfully matched, and sessions live and are stored in-app. And for employers, the data from the app allows you to track progress, measure goals, and drive growth and success.

The app is also easy to install and is compatible with both mobile (IOS, Android) and desktop devices. They also provide technical checks and support as part of the onboarding process.

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Find the coaching app that’s right for your business

The coaching apps, software, and other tools you select to help grow your people can significantly impact productivity, personal growth, morale, and increased competency. But of course, that can look a little different for everyone. Comparing coaching software and coaching apps to your company’s needs and goals is crucial to ensuring that you and your team make the most of the coaching experience. But we promise the work and the investment will make a positive impact on your organisation.

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