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The Challenge

Being a global leader means constant change and evaluation of internal processes. Even more so, when you add in a worldwide pandemic. For Pernod Ricard, the focus on what’s most essential is clear – the employees.

In 2018, Pernod Ricard launched a strategic plan entitled, “Transform & Accelerate,” with a clear goal to transform their organization and improve their ways of working in order to accelerate their growth. This meant there would be a high concentration on talent development, strengthening a high performance culture and digital acceleration. Some of the guiding principles of the plan included mutualization, prioritization and simplification, which proved to be useful during the pandemic, as it helped teams become more agile and improve operational efficiency.

To further support their transformation and to keep employees across the globe engaged, Pernod Ricard designed a new leadership program.
However, determining the best way to facilitate the adoption of the program became a bit of challenge, as well as upscaling their people to develop the right skills for this model. Recognizing a need to fill in the gap of where they are and where they needed to go, Pernod Ricard searched for a global solution that could upskill their mid-level managers, which they regarded as, “The transmission belts” for transformation.

“At Pernod Ricard, we want to prepare our talents for their future roles, support their development, strengthen a high performance culture, and also, retain our talents. We also expect them to proactively prepare their individual development plans to develop their skills. CoachHub coaching services support these talents to work deeper in their leadership skill and develop further.”

Neslihan Sezer,
Head of Talent Management & Inclusion

The Result

While other forms of coaching have been implemented in the past, Pernod Ricard sought more personalized experiences to help those working remotely, in contrast to group and face-to-face meet ups.

After assessing the best approach, Pernod Ricard determined their mid-level managers across the EMEA and LATAM regions would be the first participants to receive digital coaching. The coaching strategy focused on deepening their leadership skills so they could develop further in their roles in order to provide the best support for their workers.

In October 2020, the digital coaching program was introduced. The coachees were able to determine their key focus areas based on internal reports given to them by their managers. They shared this information with the coaches and each session was built on strengthening and developing areas they wished to improve upon.

Upon completion of the coaching sessions, the coachees filled out a satisfaction survey which revealed:


of the participants were satisfied with their coach.


were satisfied with CoachHub’s platform.

Our framework allowed leaders to anticipate and evolve for tomorrow’s mindset, skills and capabilities.

“I’ve had very impressive sessions with my coach. They were able to breakdown the challenges and provided valuable insights.
Great inspiration!”

Moving forward, Pernod Ricard plans to widen their scope by offering comprehensive coaching for executives and to customize the coaching journey for a total personalized experience.

“We were interested in CoachHub because of their industry expertise, professionalism in coach selection, well established user friendly platform, strong customer management and relations, high satisfaction rates of other companies and internal coachees.”

Neslihan Sezer,
Head of Talent Management & Inclusion

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