6 Innovative Training Techniques You Must Consider

CoachHub · 23 November 2021 · 7 min read

In recent years, we have seen professional training taking on a new face. This has been immensely successful, largely due to digital transformation, which allows people to follow a training course with a lot of flexibility.

However, it is necessary to understand how to respond and adapt to the evolutions of the corporate training sector.

Most French organizations are still responding slowly to digital learning, despite being aware of this requirement. This is partly because of the lack of knowledge about the latest training offers available. In this article, CoachHub shares the six best innovative training techniques on the market today.

Innovative Training, Why Is it Important to Train Differently?

One primary benefit of distance learning methods such as e-learning and MOOCs, is the drastic innovation that enables organizations to not only improve their employer brand, but also productivity and performance and gain competitiveness on the job market.

But, for this to be fruitful, it is extremely vital to put in place support structures so that team members are not left alone in front of their screens. As such, organizations are faced with two major challenges to solve:

  • Improve the training systems through digital learnings with the help of the latest technological resources and strategies.
  • To tag along with learners throughout the training process.

To Boost Organization’s Performance

Creativity and innovation training standardizes the act of training by ensuring many people can access it as easily as possible. This is a solid way to unleash the potential of each individual in a productive talent management policy.

Digital tools allow employees to follow training sessions anywhere, anytime, and they can use any medium. These new functionalities are fully in line with a fast lifestyle and career mobility.

Therefore, you can easily fulfill the need for remote innovation training for employees, while at the same time participating in developing the skills of your team members to increase the performance of your organization.

To Fight Against The Talent Drain

A research study carried out by Cadremploi and IFOP found that 40 percent of executives would take into account leaving their organization. Meanwhile, 50 percent of managers and leaders would be open to job vacancies.

In other terms, talent drain is a reality and a major topic of concern to every stakeholder. To tackle this challenge, a couple of solid solutions can be executed. Among them, is offering internal training to provide professional development opportunities and ensure employment viability of high potential individuals.

Moreover, the French law states that companies should ensure that employees remain on the job for as long as possible. For this to be possible, the manager and leader is supposed to set up a skills development plan.

A successful onboarding program is also a good way to show employees that you value their involvement in your company. It contributes in the developing talent plan and reinforces employee retention.

The top six trends for innovative training ideas in 2022

Digital Corporate University

The digital corporate university is the ideal platform of steady learning and professional career development intended to improve productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.

It helps to maintain the sustainability of talents through a development plan of professional skills after an intensive talent acquisition process. A decent corporate university provides customized support, local and overall considerations and good use of new tech in order to help in the digitalization of companies. It also enhances corporate culture and team cohesion. Before, it was only delivered on a face to face basis. Currently, corporate universities are becoming more open to digital learning, which offers more flexibility.

Blended Learning

Blended learning comprises various training modules. It takes into account distance learning and face-to-face courses. This kind of innovative learning improves talent management and human resources management by retaining the benefits of each solution while getting rid of the setbacks.

Therefore, blended training favors team emulation and the sustenance of motivation specific to in-person training, while providing quality experiential learning and flexibility specific to e-learning.

Mobile Learning

It is an entirely digital professional coaching tool. This mode of training comes with numerous benefits, among them is its accessibility. People can access their classes anywhere, anytime.

Developing skills through a mobile application will make training sessions interactive and more engaging. There are qualified technicians in the market who can develop mobile learning apps that suit your business and employee needs. When training materials are available on an application, your team members can access it anytime using their tablets and mobile phones.


This innovative training method gets inspiration from game apps to create, operate and manage distance learning courses in a specific-game mode. The process involves the use of puzzles, quizzes, and games to make the learning experience engaging and fun. Apart from making the learning process more jovial, this gamification approach accelerates and smooths the memorization of learners.

Typically, gaming involves competitive behavior. Players strive to achieve the highest score possible. Organizations should develop a competitive environment at work to improve the productivity of their employees.

Professional development programs are gamified through the use of leader boards, offering certificates/badges as a form of reward, giving reward points when players successfully complete a level in a course syllabus.

Organizations in France are taking advantage of this trend to increase motivation and participation, and consequently increase productivity and engagement. High potential employees believe that functioning in an environment that is engaging encourages them to put in more effort.


We are far from the days of long training sessions, things are way more different now. Most students today prefer short modules that are no longer than 5 minutes, at any given time. Thus the name “Fast Learning.”

The main goal is to organize the learning in such a manner it adheres to “just in time learning”, meaning that the modules are extremely short on a very precise notion. These innovative training solutions are fully in line with the ATWADAC strategy. ATAWADAC Approach means AT for anytime, AW for anywhere, AD for any device and AC for any content.

Microlearning continues to become popular, and there has been a considerable shift from using micro-learning as a complementary program to an independent corporate e-learning stratagem.

Various microlearning techniques are currently in use. Therefore, there are numerous ways to use them in your organization. Podcasts, videos, and online tests are among the top formats leveraged in microlearning syllabuses.

Social Learning

Social learning is a method based on the interactions among members of different groups. A lot of virtual learning podiums provide participants with the opportunity to share their individual experience.

This exchange can also be carried out via collaborative programs of mutual assistance on social media networks such as Discord channel and Facebook groups. Various studies have discovered that experiential social learning yields great results and immense motivation.

For this to work, it is important to understand your team members’ personalities before making them interact with others. Personality tests like DISC or disc vs mbti are available online. These assessments will also allow you to spot the high potential individuals within your company.

Coaching as a key lever for success in organizational transformation

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The AI Revolution

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become part of everyday activities not only in the office, but also in corporate training programs. In the near future, nearly all devices and services will be powered by some form of artificial intelligence.

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple are now investing billions to make smarter mobile devices using artificial intelligence. Hundreds of thousands of retailers around the world currently support these organizations.

Among the most popular artificial intelligence features is Chatbots, these AI powered programs are pervading the corporate arena. The program is developed to simulate conversations with human beings that interact with platforms supported by it.

According to a survey, chatbots save organizations an estimated amount of $80 million in training and wage expenses per year. About 20% of companies have incorporated chatbots in their factories and offices. This figure is projected to shoot up to 57% throughout 2021.

Chatbots are used by these companies to act as private assistants to offer customer service and support. Some bots are designed to analyze how best to improve procedures, while others help to train workers. For example, some companies use chatbots in the Human resources department, whereas they inform managers if employees are feeling unwell.

As more human resource specialists discover the improvement in productivity as a result of chatbots and artificial intelligence in general, these technologies will continue to be incorporated in organizations, spanning sectors such as technological consumer goods and agriculture.

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